Dinafem’s top 10 highest yielding strains

  • When it comes to growing marijuana, each grower has his own preferences, and may prioritise features like the aroma, the flavour, the effect and the production. In this post we will focus on the final yield, presenting you with a selection of the highest yielding cannabis strains in our catalogue.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is our favourite 'whale', and as such, she deserved a place in this top 10, which could well have been made especially for her. In fact, her potential in the yield department is second to none. Highly surprising, thins cannabis strain oozes quality through and through and stands out for her intricate flowery aroma that combines hints of Haze and citrus.

Equally interesting are the flavour - the strain's signature - and the potent, out-of-this-world effect, which will leave you open-mouthed. And when harvest comes, you won't be able to stop greening while contemplating her monstrous yield.

Critical +

Critical + is another of Dinafem's icons that has gained in popularity with every passing year thanks to her strong personality and her surprising features. Her lemony flavour and aroma are unique to this amazing hybrid and go hand in hand with a pleasant, intensely relaxing effect.

This strain is particularly well suited to SCROG and SOG, but what really attracts growers around the world are her bumper crops.

Industrial Plant

Industrial Plant lives up to her name, and growing her is the easiest thing in the world. The fusion of an Afghan and a Thai strain has resulted in a well-rounded hybrid that performs wonderfully both indoors and outdoors regardless of the growing method. She is definitely a safe asset and watching her develop beautiful orange pistils in the largest, densest buds - which she owes to her Skunk nature - is a real treat for the eyes.

This is probably the reason why many cannabis growers regard Industrial Plant as the queen of their garden, a feature overshadowed only by her bumper crops.

Big Kush

Big Kush is all a grower needs to reach the top, as the fusion of the renowned American OG Kush with our amazing Big Skunk has resulted in a complex, highly appealing hybrid.

The organoleptic profile is a subtle, intricate blend of fresh lemon and oil. Add to this a bumper crop worthy of its name and the outcome is… Big Kush!

Original Amnesia

It is not by chance that Original Amnesia is a world-famous cannabis strain. She owes her name to her ultra-potent effect, and her superb, intricate organoleptic profile is in the same league as that of the best Haze strains.

Her flowering speed leaves little doubt about the excellence of this Sativa hybrid, which is among the fastest in her class. But this nice lady has another surprise in store, as she is probably one of the highest yielding Sativas of all time.

California Hash Plant

Among the many features of California Hash Plant are her extremely high resin counts, her easy growing nature and her speed - she is probably one of the fastest strains in our catalogue, as well as one of the easiest to grow. Indica lovers will definitely enjoy her earthy flavour and aroma complemented with delicious hints of Afghan hash.

Her intensely relaxing effect is another asset, but what adds real value is definitely her amazing yield.

Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0 is slightly different from her predecessor. She is more resistant to humidity and surprisingly fast-flowering, while remaining faithful to her origins as for the organoleptic profile.

Her lemony flavour and aroma are still there, alongside with an effect that provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation. But her main highlight is a very specific one: off-the-chart production!

Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Amnesia is the funkiest version of Original Amnesia. The potent, narcotic effect, typically Sativa, is still there, but the cross with Original Strawberry Cough makes the strain sweeter and fruitier, giving her a fresh, piney aroma with hints of citrus, Haze and exotic woods, more like a tropical Amnesia.

But the best is yet to come: a bountiful crop that more than rewards the efforts of growers.

Moby Dick CBD

Moby Dick CBD is the CBD version of our beloved Moby Dick, so we just had to include it in this top ten. Aimed at those who prefer softer effects, this version is slightly different from her predecessor, and above all, it allows users to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Her organoleptic profile is different too, offering delicious hints of citrus, so typical of CBD-rich lines, with undertones of wood and incense. That said, our little protégé maintains her ability to produce astronomical crops.

Critical Mass CBD

Critical Mass CBD is the CBD version of our renowned Critical +. Although some of her features are different from that of her predecessor -the effect, for instance, is not as extreme - she still provides some excellent relaxation, making the delight of those who enjoy CBD.

The flavour and the aroma don't disappoint either, and now include hints of citrus and exotic woods that make her delicious. But there is one characteristic feature that has remained unaltered: a massive final yield!


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