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The Best Songs to Enjoy with Cannabis: Dinafem on Spotify

  • Music and cannabis have gone hand in hand throughout history.
  • There is something about the fourth art that enables our minds to relive a first kiss, a summer back in our youth ... special moments, as if no time had passed.
  • Powerful melodies capable of giving us goosebumps when we bring up memories that we had stowed away, and this is a capacity that seems to increase when we hear music we love while under the influence of marijuana. 
songs cannabis dinafem

The plant's psychoactive effects allow some people to enjoy or feel music more intensely, a powerful combination that has inspired artists and music lovers throughout history. One possible explanation for this augmented perception is that cannabis inhibits and relaxes tensions, thereby placing us in a state much more receptive to artistic appreciation. We cannot generalise too much, however, as cannabis has very different effects on each person, and what for one person can be a pleasant and positive experience may be too strong or unpleasant for another. Our advice: before attending a concert, for example, and consuming cannabis recreationally at it, try the marijuana in a more comfortable setting first, such as a get-together with friends with some background music.

Although music and cannabis are a formula that has delighted many, as any good cook knows, you have to combine the ingredients correctly. Not all styles of music go with all cannabis strains, just as we do not drink a glass of whiskey when nibbling at noon with friends. You have to choose the strain that is right for each musical style and occasion.

To guide you in this task we have set up a Dinafem account on Spotify where you will find different playlists to enjoy some of our best genetics. Our powerful Dutch queen, Amnesia, the pleasant effect CBD-rich strains, or the narcotic, relaxing sensation of Bubba Kush, the purest Indica in our catalogue, in tune with the best melodies to feel the music in every pore of your skin. Songs carefully selected by our creative team that will allow you to forget the rest of the world and catapult you directly into our colourful universe of sounds. Are you ready to enjoy this experience? Then let's do this. Here's a little preview.

One night of passion with Dinamex

Voluptuous, bluesy songs with sensual rhythms that will rouse your most primal instincts. Music to enjoy, whether as a couple or alone, one of the most basic pleasures of life. Dim the lights and let the sensitising effects of our Dinamex and this playlist, as if written by Eros himself, make the caresses flow like never before.

A surfing afternoon with Super Silver

Energise your whole body with one of Sativa lovers' favourite strains. The invigorating effect of this strain, combined with our most motivational musical selection, will make you one with the sea. With Super Silver enjoy the waves like never before, and let the sun and these inspiring melodies wash over your skin. A highly sensory experience.

Relax with Bubba Kush

The ideal way to while away those lazy Sunday afternoons when you only want you doze off and relax, lulled by the music and the effects of a good Indica like Bubba Kush. Let the world grind to a stop and enjoy some unique moments while the rain patters against the windowpane. 

Party with OG Kush

The coolest strain and the most sought-after by California VIPs is OG Kush, which merits a playlist like this one: essential tracks for the biggest partiers. Give yourself a big shot of energy with the powerful Sativa effect of our Californian queen and the most electrifying rhythms. Dance!


Psychedelic afternoon, with Amnesia

Fluctuating melodies, endless riffs, and hypnotic rhythms ... here you have the definitive selection to fully experience the psychedelic sensations of our most powerful strain: Amnesia

Yoga session with Industrial Plant Auto CBD

Great tunes for a relaxing yoga session, which, in combination with the mild effects of our CBD-rich automatic, will help you connect with the universe and restore your inner balance, with Industrial Plant Auto CBD.



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