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Cannabis and Music: Original Amnesia to Enjoy a Session of Super Psychedelic Songs

  • Enjoy our Original Amnesia while listening to psychedelic songs. This is our suggestion if you want to take really a nice trip ... without even leaving home. There are musical genres that open doors to unknown universes, and there are strains of cannabis that help us get there. Why not use them at the same time to enjoy a richer experience? We didn’t think twice, putting the Dinafem team's most creative and music-loving brains to work.
  • The result is a Spotify list that will delight those most open to hallucinogenic adventures. Let yourself be carried away by Original Amnesia and these incredible melodies as you undertake a journey through all the twists and turns and remotest corners of your brain.  Shall we begin? 
cannabis music

If we were asked to choose a song defining psychedelic music we would not hesitate to name it: Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd. 

And if we were asked what we like to consume when we blast these tunes at home, we wouldn´t think twice either: Original Amnesia. So, we invited the two to join hands and asked them to seek out new friends. The result: a playlist created on the Dinafem Seeds Spotify channel called Psychedelia With Amnesia, to throw a psychedelic party that smells like lemon, Haze, incense and spices.

Why did we choose Amnesia for a psychedelic trip?

Because this is a very potent strain, one of the only ones capable of simultaneously stimulating all the senses. There is a reason it is number one at coffee shops in the Netherlands. In fact, caution is advised when consuming it, as it can cause temporary memory loss. At first its effect is powerful, cerebral, euphoric and stimulating. Then, in a second phase, it transports you to a world of relaxing sensations. 

Its aroma and flavour, like its effects, are also intense. It features notes of lemon, Haze, incense, cedar and spices. As for the plant´s shape and size, we are talking about a vigorous, medium/large cannabis plant that is easy to grow. It develops very robustly, its flowering period is short, and it produces hard, compact and elongated buds permeated with resin. They say that this is why Amnesia is the only Sativa that grows like an Indica, as it is both fast and productive. 

What music is played at this party?

If we are talking about hypnotic rhythms, endless riffs and some of the craziest guitar work in history, the list could not omit Led Zeppelin and their brilliant Dazed and Confused

 Nor could we leave out one of the undisputed kings of psychedelia, Jimi Hendrix, and his Are You Experienced? 

 Or, of course, the great David Bowie calling Major Tom in Space Oddity

But, as there actually is music outside the 70s, among the prominent groups on this list is Tame Impala, giants of contemporary psychedelia, with their lively Let it Happen

Another stellar group you'll find on our list is France's Moodoid, a pleasant surprise in 2016, whose hypnotic Je suis la montagne will have you floating through new galaxies:

And we didn´t think twice about including on our list Perry Farrell and his group, with one of the songs from the legendary album Ritual de lo Habitual by Jane's Addiction. Three Days is a hallucinatory journey lasting almost 11 minutes through the memories of a thrilling weekend had by the vocalist of the Californian group.

Most of the songs on this playlist are classics that have survived generations and never gone out of style. The same thing is true of the cannabis strain chosen. We did not want a hybrid, and opted for the authentic and original queen of the Sativas. The one and only classic. A strain whose flavour is intense and stimulates the brain at first, producing euphoria, later leaving the user totally relaxed.

We hit the party and discovered some real gems. Do you want to join us on the adventure? Well, get some Amnesia and press "Play." Bon voyage


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