Moby Dick

Collaborate on our Moby Dick playlist on Spotify and win 25 Moby Dick seeds

  • Her massive yields, her extremely high THC levels and her delicious Haze and citrus flavour have turned Moby Dick into one of our flagship strains. That’s why she deserves a Spotify list of her own, but not just any.
  • From the start, we knew that Moby Dick’s playlist had to be as big and wonderful as she herself is. And what better way than with your help.
Moby Dick

Said and done. We have created a collaborative playlist on our Spotify profile, Dinafem-seeds, for you to upload the song our Moby Dick inspires you. Share your favourite song with the world, the one that best matches what our Moby Dick makes you feel, the one that recalls that day tasting her with your mates… or just the one that comes to mind when you think of this cannabis wonder. You have until 30 April to add your song!

All those who collaborate on the list and follow our Spotify profile, Dinafem-seeds, will be entered in a draw to win a tin containing 25 Moby Dick seeds and a Dinafem survival kit. Again, only those who add their song AND follow our "Dinafem-seeds" profile will be eligible for the draw. The winner will be announced on May 3.

How to take part in the draw:

  • Access our Moby Dick collaborative playlist by clicking on this link
  • Click on "Play on Spotify" 
  • Add the song/s our Moby Dick inspires you the most
  • Each user can add up to three songs
  • Follow our Spotify profile, Dinafem-seeds
  • You can add your song until 30 April!


See you on the playlist!!! 



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