Unusual Christmas songs to cook your Christmas Eve dinner: Dinafem wishes you a Happy Purple Orange Christmas!

  • If for the rest of the world Christmas is white, in Dinafem we have decided that this year it will have another tone: purple orange. The classic Christmas spirit does not go much with us, but everything can be given another colour and in order to do that, turn reality and spark things up, nothing better than cannabis and music.
  • That is why we have prepared a Spotify list that will lift your spirit while you cook your Christmas Eve dinner and taste the Purple Orange CBD. Forget about myths: neither Christmas has to be white, nor Christmas songs have to be always cheesy. How about some Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Ramones or The Killers for you to live your Purple Orange Christmas in a different way?

Christmas has the value we wish to give it. As with marijuana, the meaning and use we grant it will depend on each one of us. In Dinafem we like the Christmas holidays because they are synonymous of good food and drinks and the chance get together with our favourite people, to ask the Three Wise Men for the best Dinafem genetics and to have some extra free time to relax. That's why, because it's only a few days away to escape from the frenetic rhythm of the everyday life and to take things more calmly, we have chosen Purple Orange CBD to face the Christmas Eve dinner. This variety, rich in CBD, will reduce your anxiety, relieve muscle stiffness and open your appetite. It is, therefore, the best option to not be overwhelmed with the heavy meals and the need to get along with all members of the family. This flower will delight users looking for fruity aromas and flavours. Its penetrating aroma, with notes of orange, chocolate and lemon are the perfect aperitif for a copious meal. Its moderate effect, which leads to a state of slight euphoria and certain clairvoyance, is the indispensable ally to become an expert chef in your kitchen. So, apron around the waist and orange cigar in mouth, press play to sort out the ingredients on the table and dive into the fridge and cabinets while you listen to an instrumental piece.

 With everything ready to start the culinary feast, the vocalist of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas, will inaugurate the playlist of our unusual Christmas songs with rock rhythms.

The songs selected for our Purple Orange Christmas flee from the usual jingle bells of these days. Because while the rest of the world is imagining a white Christmas, ours is clearly purple orange. And that is why we have chosen bands like Scottish Glasvegas, British The Wombats, the prestigious Sufjan Stevens, the mythical The Killers or the American Cat Power.

And now that we have created the right ambiance with a good session of pop-rock indie, and just before your grandparents arrive, it's time to dive into some garage punk by the hand of Los Ramones who never fail and who, of course, also have their own Christmas hit.

On our list you will find artists from all over the world, from Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, Pearl Jam, Weezer, The Shins or Bryan Adams to even the Black Lips, who, in their own way, have also honoured Christmas with their "Christmas in Baghdad".

Another great voice of this list is that of Lemmy, founder of the Motorhead band, who dedicated a song to Rudolph, Santa's best-known reindeer.

Another brilliant interpreter, in the first part of the list, is Freddy Mercury performing "Thank God It´s Christmas".

With all these, and some others that you will discover, we are getting closer to the time of family arrival. And since we have not wished to forget about them, the last tunes of the list are dedicated to them. Our oldest ones will love Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Jonny Cash and Marvin Gaye.


We hope this list will be a good warm-up for your Christmas party. Happy Cannabis Christmas!



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