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[Video] OG Kush and the SCROG Growing System

  • This is how great an OG Kush de Dinafem can look if you use the SCROG (Screen of Green) growing method.
  • As you can observe, all those branches packed with neon green buds belong to just one OG Kush plant. And nothing is keeping your plants from looking the same way, if you follow the way and philosophy of the Screen of Green system.

In this video we show you what happens when our OG Kush is cultivated with some useful and effective tools to increase the cannabis's production and control its growth. The SCROG mesh system creates a plant that stretches out to the sides, but one so large and bursting with branches that it seems to contain several plants in one.

The key to success is how the mesh supports the plant's stems, furnishing it with extra energy so that it can invest it to optimise production in its secondary branches instead, producing even larger buds. But the mesh also guides the stems so that they grow on a horizontal axis, allowing leaves to absorb more light in a uniform way, thereby increasing per-plant yield during the harvest.

Achieving what you can see with the OG Kush is not possible without pruning your marijuana first, whether by topping the plant or using the FIM method. The important thing is to cut the top (or Top cola) at just the right moment so as to direct growth through the panel of meshes that form the SCROG system. When you do so you will observe as your plant, little by little, takes on a more rounded shape, like the OG Kush in the video, and its vertical nature begins to transform, creating a whole cluster of beautiful buds.

The SCROG applied to marijuana is apparently efficient and simple, but requires meticulous care. And the price is reasonable, especially when having the chance to harvest the best version of a strain perfectly suited to this technique. The OG Kush genetic features a squat structure with lots of branches and the SCROG meshes assure that it expands and its buds reach their full potential. One of the advantages of this mesh system is that it allows light to better filter between the plant's canopy and reach its flowers.

Our OG Kush blooms fast (outdoors, it's ready in October, taking 55 days when indoors) and can feature a THC content of 24% and a CBD content of 0.23%. It has become one of the most popular strains in our catalogue, thanks to its gasoline and citrus flavour, and a powerful effect that many have defined as a "euphoric trance." Its genetic lineage is linked to the famous ChemDawg strain (by the breeder ChemDog) and is the result of a ChemDog crossed with a hybrid of Thai Lemon and Pakistani Kush (75% Indica / 25% Sativa). Now harvesting this magnificent genetic and getting the very most out of it are within anyone's grasp. You can buy your seeds here.


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