Seven New Cannabinoids Have Been Discovered

  • The only cannabis cultivation that is legal on a federal level in the United States, has allowed scientists from the University of Mississippi to discover seven new cannabinoids. The list of known cannabinoids now rises to 111.

For years, the University of Mississippi has held the only legal and federal cannabis crop in the United States. Thanks to it, and the work of its scientists, researchers have found seven new types of cannabinoids that are present in nature.

According to scientists, depending on the genetic composition of a marijuana strain, the resinous trichomes of feminised plants produce mainly either THC or CBD (or even CBG). However, when a cannabis plant has a high content of one of them, it is usually accompanied by a complete series of cannabinoids that are not as present, and scientists have been considering this matter for some time.

At the moment, not all of the existing cannabinoids are fully known about, as nobody has been able to carry out a detailed analysis on the DNA of different plants and varieties. However, these researchers have made it possible for the number of known cannabinoids to rise to 111 (up until a short time ago the number of cannabinoids discovered stood at 104). The find comes following a long project analysing significant amounts of the plant and its effects on rats.

All of the cannabinoids are yellow-coloured oils at room temperature, except for one, that is characterised by having the consistency of white dust, like others that were already known about. The strangest thing about the discovery is that other researchers had already synthesised them without knowing that the plant produced them naturally.

The discovery of new cannabinoids is always well received among the community of scientists that research the plant’s properties, as it improves knowledge of the plant and allows the search for new applications and qualities to continue.


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