Dinafem’s top 10 most discreet cannabis strains

  • Each grower has his own — more or less ideal — outdoor growing area. If you are lucky enough to own a garden or a plot of land that is safe from unwanted attention, you may be able to experiment freely and develop your talent as a grower to the full. Things might get complicated though if your neighbours —either in a flat or in a detached house — don’t share your passion for the plant. Should that be the case, you will have to give serious consideration to things like the aroma and the size. This last aspect can be a major source of trouble, this is why we have compiled a selection with the 10 most discreet cannabis strains in our catalogue.

Bubba Kush

Kush through and through, Bubba Kush‘s superb traits have always got lots of attention. Get prepared to be surprised by a unique organoleptic profile with hints of lemon, oil and coffee. The effect is perfect for unwinding after a hard day of work, offering you memorable experiences.

But it doesn’t end here. Thanks to Bubba Kush you will have the chance to grow one of the best Indicas in the world with the utmost discretion. This is a small, compact marijuana plant perfect for outdoor growing that will allow you to give your creativity as a gardener free reign.

Shark Attack

Highly performing, Shark Attack has been part of our seed bank since Dinafem’s foundation in 2005.

This beautiful Indica is all you need for a high-quality, discreet crop. She will win over you with her soothing properties and with her fresh yoghurt flavour and aroma enhanced with Afghan hints.

But most interesting of all is her ability to go unnoticed thanks to her small size. An unbeatable option in this regard.

Purple Afghan Kush

Purple Afghan Kush is a superb Indica hybrid, a real treat for the eyes with a refreshingly different organoleptic profile. Exotic fruity hints combine perfectly with her strong Afghan nature.

And the effect doesn’t disappoint either, seducing Indica lovers with a relaxing potency that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

And to top it off, the possibility to obtain a top-quality product without attracting attention. Cool enough, wouldn’t you agree?

White Widow

So abundant are the properties of White Widow that words are not enough to describe them. Renowned for her excellent overall performance, her amazing yield — both in terms of buds and resin — and her potent, sedative effect with therapeutic properties, not to mention her bittersweet scent, another distinctive trait of her personality.

Now imagine all these qualities concentrated in your garden, in an intimate atmosphere. There it is, a second to none option of proven reliability. A real asset that knows how to go unnoticed in the garden.

Fruit Auto

With an intensely fruity scent that becomes increasingly evident as flowering progresses, Fruit Auto really lives up to her name.

The flavour is a delicious blend of red fruits and the moderate effect is perfect for enjoying some pleasant relaxation without couch-lock feeling, allowing those who have a low tolerance for cannabis to enjoy all of her properties.

This strain is thus a good compromise for those who prioritize flavour over potency. But that’s not all, thanks to her small size you will be able to grow her on your balcony or terrace with complete peace of mind.

White Cheese Auto

White Cheese Auto is a really good quality autoflowering strain, to the point that if nobody told you of her Ruderalis content, you would never guess.

In return, her delicious aroma — a delicate fusion of Cheese and White Widow — will captivate you immediately. And the same applies to the flavour, an accurate representation of her captivating scent.

The effect is soothing and deeply relaxing, but what really interests us here is her size, small enough to stay under the radar in unreliable environments.

Bubba Kush Auto

Bubba Kush Auto is Bubba Kush’s autoflowering version and thus both plants share the same characteristics.

The only difference is in the effect — a bit softer as a result of her Ruderalis side — allowing users with a low tolerance for cannabis to enjoy her amazing properties.

The small size, though, remains unaltered, growing discreetly in any garden.

Blue Cheese Auto

The auto version of Blue Cheese preserves all the qualities that made her predecessor stand out from the crowd.

Just like Blue Cheese did before her, Blue Cheese Auto will seduce you with her delicious Cheese flavour and aroma enhanced with fresh, fruity hints of Blueberry. Plus, this autoflowering version will allow you to enjoy the outstanding qualities of Blue Cheese but with a softer effect suitable for all users.

Her small size is perfectly suited to balconies and terraces, the only thing to worry about is the pervasive smell, which tends to spread uncontrollably.

White Widow Auto

As you must have guessed, White Widow Auto is the autoflowering version the renowned White Widow. This beautiful, tiny auto has plenty to offer, as she displays all the qualities of her impressive sister with great accuracy — with the only difference that she can be grown in total confidentiality.

If you are an Indica fan, are up for a relaxing experience and your main concern is to avoid problems with your neighbours, think no more, this little cannabis gem is here to help!

Sour Diesel Auto

With a top-class organoleptic profile, Sour Diesel Auto is definitely worth trying. Her main highlight is an intricate, intensely citrus aroma — inherited from the Diesel line — which is felt immediately during tasting.

Our reinterpretation of this seed has resulted in an autoflowering version of the popular American Sour Diesel that stays really true to her predecessor. Among its many virtues are a well-balanced effect and a high resistance to humidity and pests.

This Sativa-dominant auto will definitely seduce you with her truly Sativa properties and a small size that ensures safety and peace of mind. The choice is yours!


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