A Look at the Largest Legal Cannabis Plantation in Latin America

  • The green fields of Chile are proof that things are being done well. These are cannabis crops that will be used to help thousands of patients with cancer, epilepsy, and chronic pain. The country serves as an example to its neighbours and should be a guide for those that are still not helping their citizens. 

Chile is one of the Latin American countries that is making the most effort to provide patients with medical cannabis. It does so along with the Fundación Daya (Daya Foundation) and Mamá Cultiva Mama Grows, who began a battle several years ago that is now proving productive and has helped hundreds of ill people. Now Chile has become a benchmark place for cannabis activism and an example to follow, especially for prohibitionist governments that are still opposed to medicinal cannabis.

The largest legal cannabis plantation, located in the municipality of Colbún, is now growing, following national legalisation passed in December that authorisation the creation and sale of medicines deriving from the hemp plant. The example has recently been adopted by countries like Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Through this initiative the buds from 6000 plants will be transformed into different phytopharmaceuticals that are supplied for free to 4000 patients, although it is hoped that 200,000 people will be able to receive help. According to Ana María Gazmuri, president of Daya Foundation, the aim of the project is to create “three big clinical studies that will be undertaken by the National Cancer Institute and two hospitals”.

Also, this research work has funding from 20 municipalities in the country and aims to help patients with cancer, refractory epilepsy and chronic pain. “It is an important step forward for Chile in terms of creating science and knowledge about cannabis therapy”, added the president.

The country is experiencing a great change to its cannabis policy that is having a positive effect on its citizens. Those that have fought for this feel satisfied and proud that Chile is moving ahead of the rest. Its fields tinged with green are proof that that things are going well.

Photographs sourced from: Daya Foundation Facebook page. 


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