Lady G2HM's recipe for super smoothie with CBDA and CBD

  • Fresh cannabis smoothie is one of the best ways to benefit from all the properties the cannabis plant offers.
  • A number of recent studies suggest cannabinoids such as CBD possess interesting neuroprotective effects. 
  • In this article, Lady G2HM gives us the lowdown – and recipe – for her famous cannabis smoothie.

This recipe has been created to introduce cannabis into the system, without bitter taste, without the high, and using everyday fruits and veggies available locally. It is great for first time users who may be nervous about using CBDA and CBD. You should get all your cannabis ingredients ready ahead of time, such as CBDA flower, decarbed CBD flower & CBD micro-dosing oil. If you want to add THC oil, make sure the amount is small enough to ensure you don't go overboard. This recipe incorporates organic Purps #1 leaves to utilize as much of the healing compounds of cannabis as possible. There is no chance of "getting high" because there is no THC included. My goal is to use everything that cannabis has to offer leaving no waste behind.

This fruit and vegetable smoothie has a soft texture and is very sweet, not bitter at all. The taste is incredibly clean considering it has every part of the cannabis plant included. Especially for fussy eaters like me, it is important that there is enough fruit to balance the bitterness of the spinach and kale. This is the secret to creating this juice, adjusting the amount of ingredients to your own personal taste. If you are on meds, consider the juice is acidic, but you can always just take it in small amounts so you don't get acid reflux. What is important is that we detoxify our system of chemicals utilizing superfoods readily available to us, and this juice is a great carrier for the CBDA and CBD to get absorbed throughout the body.

If you have a bad gut...

You are creating a super food drink with pulp. You need as much green, veggies and leaves as possible to detox. Did you know that your gut has a brain? "Brain in the gut coordinates activity of millions of neurons to propel waste through digestive system. The enteric nervous system (ENS) is known as the "second brain" or the brain in the gut because it can operate independently of the brain and spinal cord, the central nervous system (CNS)." If we have bad guts, it takes us longer to heal.

We essentially have to heal our guts first in order for the body to start sending compounds to other parts of the body. Most of the people with chronic conditions have bad guts or some type of digestive disorder, it's all related.

Tips & Tricks – Secrets to my success

REALITY CHECK: It would be nice if everything was organic, but brain patients can't afford it. So organic cannabis leaves and flowers is sometimes the best we can do. What's more important is getting the super food and oil regimen into our bodies to help treat our chronic condition. It's the fastest way to start the healing process against infections, pain and inflammation.

  • Take 1 shot of this green juice once a day.
  • Rinse all leaves, fruits and vegetables.
  • Remove stems from spinach and kale, peels from apples and oranges, compost
  • This recipe should provide enough juice shots for 1-2 months depending on how fast you consume your smoothie.
  • You need a Vitamix to help grind the ice into a smoothie texture. If you use a regular blender do NOT use ice and cut your ingredients smaller.
  • I store the juice in individual glass canning jars in the fridge and BPA juice jugs in the freezer so I can create slush for the summer. This juice is so good I could live off this multitude of nutrients every day.
  • I love to freeze it in ice cubes trays for the summer.


Before – After

If your body craves the juice, drink more. Listen to what your body says by how it reacts. Then cater this recipe to suit your needs. Make it your own. Keep it stirred and chilled, just like our lifestyle. ;)

Ingredients for my Green Juice Recipe

Cut in manageable pieces for your blender or Vitamix

  • 1 bunch of spinach
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • 1 whole pineapple – cored
  • 1 sm slice of ginger root
  • 5 apples – sliced
  • 8 oranges – cut first, then peeled (or it gets bitter)
  • 2 cups of orange juice
  • 2 cups of ice *only if you have a Vitamix

Organic cannabis ingredients

  • 1 handful leaves
  • 1 handful CBDA flower (fresh buds from a pure CBD strain like Dinamed CBD Plus
  • 1 handful decarbed CBD flower (dried buds from a pure CBD strain) 
  • 1 teaspoon CBD oil

*When you add ice you will increase your amount by approximately 20%, thus lasting longer.

*It tastes very sweet, with no bitter residue in your mouth.

*Juicing is an easy way to obtain a lot of nutrients. It is a great way to treat chronic conditions as well as to prevent many diseases.

Can you imagine a world where we could wake up in the morning and have a cup of life-saving smoothie to start the day? Now we have cannabis to add to our daily intake and increase the ability to fight infections and help replenish our endocannabinoid system.


Love what you grow, grow what you love.

Lady G2HM


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