Kurupt’s Moonrock: A THC Bomb Whose Potency is Out of This World

  • It takes its name from its creator, contains up to 51.2% of THC, and features important medical properties. This new cannabis product, with buds covered in hashish oil and coated in kief, has already gone on sale at some dispensaries, and those who have tried it can vouch for its quality, and, above all, its potency.

As the cannabis market grows, countries are able to regulate issues related to the plant, and fans can learn more and more about growing techniques, characteristics and applications, the quality of the different cannabis products achieved is noticeably improving.

Therefore, new strains are popping up that are new and improved, potent, and with properties never seen before, thanks to the on-going study of genetics. Many are competing to produce optimal characteristics in this type of grass, which is in "high" demand. Dense and abundant buds and a delightful scent are clear indications that things are being done right. And many are also looking for the best combination of products (extracts, oils, hashes) to turn out cannabis consumption products that can really knock one's socks off.


Rapper Kurupts knows what it's like to come up with a brand of marijuana considered one of the strongest ever created. His product, dubbed "Moonrock," has been placed on sale in collaboration with fellow grower Dr. Zodiak.

According to its creator, the hash oil these buds are infused with and which is obtained from the strain through a set of different processes, ranges up to 51.2% of THC (one of the highest ever seen) and 0.15% of CBD. In small doses it is effective at reducing pain, improving appetite, curing nausea and dispelling anxiety, among other benefits.

Although Moonrock by-products can cost 25 to 30 dollars (20 - 27 euros) per gram, those who have tried it say that it´s well worth it, as its quality is unmatched. It remains to be seen, however, how doctors and patients will react to this new product in those areas where medical cannabis is regulated. Whatever the case, the first reactions, to both its appearance and its effect, are never ambivalent.


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