"My cannabis lifestyle has normalized my vitals, it's not rocket science it's Neuro Cannabis science"

  • Crystal Favel suffers from a neurodegenerative disease called frontotemporal dementia, a group of rare disorders that affect the brain areas associated with personality, behaviour and speech.  
  • The Canadian, however, has never given up, and when traditional medicine failed to ease the devastating effects of her disease, she resorted to medicinal cannabis. 
  • Known on social media as Lady G2, she says she has stopped her neurological deterioration thanks to her cannabis oil. In this interview, she reflects on her experience and shares the recipe of her "LG2 Oilzheimer's".

Could you tell us a little more about your condition?

I have frontotemporal dementia, which is a series of four brain disorders, "a variant of Alzheimer's." I have the first disorder "executive dysfunction", which makes me early or onset Alzheimer's for young folks. I was diagnosed Nov 14, 2016 and have been fighting this terminal diagnosis ever since, while suffering from Complex PTSD, Anxiety, IBS & Diverticular Disease. I have had one year of cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling and occupational therapy.

What are the symptoms this disorder creates and how cannabis helped you with them? Which improvements did you notice?

"Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) causes cell damage that shrinks the brain's frontal (area behind the forehead) and temporal (area behind the ears) lobes. It's a group of disorders caused by cell degeneration, specifically its areas associated with personality, behaviour and language. FTD may account for 20-50% of dementia cases in people younger than age 65, according to the Alzheimer's Association." 

The following symptoms have improved:

  1. Poor judgment
  2. Loss of empathy
  3. Socially inappropriate behaviour
  4. Lack of inhibition
  5. Repetitive compulsive behaviour
  6. Inability to concentrate or plan
  7. Frequent, abrupt mood changes
  8. Speech difficulties
  9. Problems with balance or movement
  10. Memory loss Details of Improvement:

FTD has four disorders, I consider these four stages, with a terminal diagnosis. These four disorders cause the symptoms listed above. Some more noticeable than others, just remember the symptoms affect everyone differently according to our age, environment and genetics. Cannabis affects the severity of all my combined symptoms. It's easier to describe improvements chronologically and when the severity of the symptoms lessened. By the time I made my own oil I had exhausted every medical resource available to me. In fact, every time I would deal with a doctor it reminded me of how sick I was.

My brain was dark, I couldn't even speak in complete sentences. I couldn't read, nor could I write an entire coherent sentence. I never left my home and would refuse to speak to strangers. Not two days after I started micro-dosing my husband noticed a difference immediately. I started improving every day and smiling more often. Within six months of taking my LG2 Oilzheimer's, I felt an improvement in energy every day.

Within a year, I felt that I had stopped all major symptoms from worsening the atrophy in my brain. By then, I realized that I had stabilized the deterioration of my brain because I started having more good days than bad. In fact, I started to relearn routines, get out of bed and go out in public which was a massive step towards healing. And if it weren't for the horses I visit every week for animal therapy, I don't know if I would ever learn to trust again.

Symptoms were no longer consistently noticeable and were more intermittent. My chronic brain pain became lighter and less frequent. I noticed that my overall mood lifted and I didn't feel like I was dying. It was still hard to remember my past, but I was retaining new information in my brain every day, it was remarkable.

Now it's been two years using cannabis medicinally. Not only have I stopped the progression of these disorders, but I have also improved my cognitive challenges daily. I actually make plans for the future instead of planning for my funeral. I have fun cultivating meds and rely on this complex grow therapy to expose my brain to executive functions again.

This keeps me in a perpetual learning environment that I now crave. I have dedicated the rest of my life to testing out cultivars for brain therapies and provide reviews based on my tolerance and reactions. My cannabis lifestyle has normalized my vitals, which my doctor was monitoring weekly.

The more people who try my oil, the more people are convinced of my mission. It's not rocket science, it's neuro cannabis science.

Not only have I stopped the progression of these disorders, but I have also improved my cognitive challenges daily. I actually make plans for the future instead of planning for my funeral.

What methods do you use to consume cannabis to treat your condition?

I love vaping and smoking strains as well. I find that micro-dosing oil and vaping are enough to help me through the day. I will roll joints when I have triggers when I have panic attacks that will help calm me instantly.


That's the beauty about this plant, it helps me in several ways. But the biggest problem is that the oil I needed was not available on the market so I had to do it myself.

So the best solution was to make the cannabis oil by yourself?

The best solution was to make the cleanest oil, with the highest CBD and Kush THC. The biggest problem I have encountered is getting my hands on a steady supply of these strains to keep me going. I get really nervous when I run out.

Firstly, I had to search for the best strains that had the characteristics I needed. Secondly, the entire process had to be organic, no chemicals, no bugs, no pesticides, no synthetics, Natural from start to finish. Lastly, find a mentor who can teach me even Though I have a broken brain. Those are not easy things to do when you're trying to save your life. But it was the best decision I made.

Why did you pick these specific strains?

After I figured out the right cultivar, I created a formula that would treat the symptoms of my neurodegenerative disease and slow down the degeneration. Keeping in mind, I only have a 3-5-10 year life expectancy, therefore I had to learn quickly and study hard. I ended up researching 7600 hours into Neuro Cannabis in 2 years. Why? Because there was no formula or grow journal created that has ever targeted my illness. Now I had a mission to search for the highest amount of CBD (bring down inflammation), with moderate amounts of THC (pain control), in the fastest growing speed possible (autoflowering).

One of the strains that grabbed my attention last April was your OG Kush Autoflowering CBD. It was the highest amount of CBD that I could find in an autoflowering plant that had the Kush properties that I crave. Later that summer I found Dinamed CBD & Dinamed CBD Plus and have been seeking these strains as soon as possible.

The world needs to know that these strains are great for medicinal oils. I believe Dinafem Seeds has fulfilled a niche market where growers with chronic brain and body health challenges can grow the most amount of CBD in the shortest amount of time, with just the right amount of THC to be deemed as clearheaded or light euphoria.

Finally, one plant that is fast enough to grow in order to make oil in 3 months. It's not an easy process but it's the most fun in my life.

Any downsides to using your oil?

The only downfall is not being able to test my oil in a lab. Also, it's critical to remember to avoid a strong euphoria or it will trigger my symptoms terribly, it's a very delicate balance. My oil is very special, in fact it's Omega 3 enriched, fresh harvest, full spectrum, no bugs, no pesticides, no synthetics, no chemicals, no Mold, all organic oil which I care for 24/7.

My standards are high because it's a race against time. My small garden is my lifeline, I grow with the plants, we have a symbiotic relationship and it's saving my life. It exercises my brain and teaches me knowledge to help me remember. I feel like I can do anything now. 

My small garden is my lifeline, I grow with the plants, we have a symbiotic relationship and it's saving my life.

Have you experimented with other strains?

Yes, I have. It's important to try as much as I can, then focus on the strains that help me the most. I have been growing since March 2016 and it's been a stiff learning curve because I have cognitive deficiencies that hold me back from remembering and speaking.

I always forget, so I have to write everything down and make protocols for future. My dream would be to stay alive beyond the proposed life expectancy because I enjoy growing these strains so much. This is my life and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Did some strains work better than others?

My favourite combination is Indica and high CBD, with small amounts of Sativa for the day. The problem with other high CBD strains I've grown out is they take so long. Sometimes up to 16 weeks and I just don't have the time or the resources to wait. Especially if I goof up a plant, it's critical time loss. I am not working at a job, this is my voluntary mission in life now, time is precious to me and so are my resources as a patient. I know that I'm hot on the trail of the ultimate strains and have created formulas for oil that have stabilised my condition for now in conjunction with other brain therapies.

Although I have some new symptoms, I am studying at twice the speed than the degeneration of my brain through adult neuro genesis and replenishing my endocannabinoid deficiency with my life-saving oil. I hope one day to end the suffering with legal cannabis as I continue to harvest opportunities of a lifetime.

Is cannabis the cure for neurodegenerative diseases?

In order to answer this question we must examine my existing brain damage and how much of this invisible disability is permanent. The remaining darkness in my brain can be described as being "blind in my brain," where I have no concept of what is being said or done, nor do I understand when people try to explain. I just can't find my thoughts and it paralyzes my every move.

I'm just a brick wall with no logic, no words, no way to move on. I'm a deer in headlights, can't see past the darkness. It still exists…can I fully regain the functions of this part in my brain? Only the future can tell. It's important to note, I still have most of my symptoms just less severe in nature.

I still have speech and language issues, but no access to speech therapy, therefore, some symptoms are still prevalent because there has been no therapeutic intervention. As I write this interview today, I could not speak these exact thoughts eloquently, it takes me twice as long to read and write.

When I miss days studying, writing or doses of my special oil, I feel my symptoms can be easily triggered. This is a regime I will have to do every day to exercise my brain and body. My environment gets stressful sometimes, therefore I regress or have emotional panic episodes where I'm inconsolable.

I am often triggered by other peoples' behaviour towards me. Luckily, I do eventually come out of these anxiety and panic attacks with the help of my vape and/or pipe for emergencies because it does help calm me down. It's still a battle, but I'm winning the war with cannabis as my organic weapon of choice.

I accept that I won't be the same person I was before the brain atrophy. I still drop my plants, seeds, and drinks when I walk. I sometimes trip and fall, but I get back up again with a little help from my friends. 

I realize that I have irreparable brain damage that has changed the way I live my life forever, but I'm okay with that. There is no love lost when you love yourself. All of us have experienced trauma to a certain degree, we must adapt and overcome if we are expected to allow cannabis to assist in the genetic process of cellular generation.


You have to want it so bad that you are willing to do more than just micro-dose canna oil, you have to make that emotional commitment to believe in the most resilient plant in the world. When I cloned my first plant I started to envision creating new brain cells. If a plant could reveg, why couldn't my brain do the same?

You almost have to immerse yourself in the studies of Functional Medicine and Neuro Science, to feed the body as a whole, utilising cannabis in more ways than one. You must study what your body is telling you and be in tuned to the changes it requires.

Much like a soccer/football player, you have to train the mind, body and spirit to win. I know my troubled past led to the cellular changes in my brain, it's obvious to me now. I just started growing cannabis because I didn't want to suffer while I was dying. I had no idea I would start to feel better slowly over time.

Growing has become a brain gym of routines, schedules, math, journals and social skills that keep me busy and always learning.

I am relearning new cognitive skills through repetition, my future is bright and motivational. After all, could someone who is dying from dementia be able to write every day with positivity? There is always hope. I believe that cannabis is a life-saving medicine in conjunction with the right formula of therapies, studies, 420 family and lifestyle. You cannot live a party lifestyle and think that LG2 Oilzheimer's is going to save you. Again, detox and superfoods are an integral part to cleaning out your system and recharging the ECS.

Letting go of toxic relationships will clear the way for positive change. My 420 family has supported me unconditionally and they understand my needs sometimes more than I do. The cannabis community is unlike any other, and it all starts with the ground-breaking seed. We can't forget to acknowledge the breeders who had the fortitude to develop and release the perfect genetics for people like me, knowing that they just fulfilled a niche in the market that could save lives. Now that is trail blazing and you heard it here first.

Please check out my blog where I post all my research about Neuro Cannabis


Homestyle Decarboxylation & MB2 Instructions "LG2 Oilzheimer's Recipe 3.0"
(Subject to change)

"Fresh Harvest/Dry, Organic, Full Spectrum, Full Entourage Effect, Whole Plant, Omega 3 enriched, No bugs, No pesticides, No plant abuse, No solvents, No alcohol, No mould,
All natural, Ethically-Grown, Alternative Healing, Medicinal Brain Oil."


  • Oven 1x MB2 "Magical Butter Machine" (includes MB 'Love Glove' and straining bag)
  • 1x Scale
  • Cheesecloth with small binder clips
  • Sanitary gloves
  • 1x Cookie Sheet covered in aluminium foil
  • 1x Sheet of Wax Paper
  • 1x Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup (4 cup size)
  • 1x teaspoon
  • 1-3 x 16oz Mason jar w/airtight seal or larger. Depends on how you want to divide it up.


1. 2 - 4 Ounces of Fresh Harvest/Dry Organic High CBD & Low THC Bud

*Fresh harvest means "fresh" from the plant after the dark period is over.

You want twice as much fresh harvest bud because when you decarb it shrinks noticeably.

The concept of "fresh harvest" allows us to use bud and plant material right away thus preventing over handling, or over processing or missing out on those precious trichomes that we need. In theory, it's supposed to provide a higher potency and cleaner taste. But some say that cured bud can improve the taste of the oil and bring out the authentic flavonoids that can reduce pain, inflammation and the risk for many diseases.

Beware, if you use too much wet or dry bud you could trigger our brain symptoms.

  • 1-3 Ounces of fresh or frozen organic fan leaves (Rinsed) Will shrink immensely
  • 4 cups Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Organic Coconut Oil (Best Quality)
  • 4 Teaspoons Liquid Sunflower Lecithin (1 teaspoon per cup of oil)


1-Preheat oven to 230 F. Place a strip of aluminium paper on the baking tray. This will capture the bits of the trichomes/crystals as it decarbs.

2-Put on your sanitary gloves. Keep a neat and tidy area. Keep your hair in a net and wear a kitchen/lab jacket if possible.

3-Spread your botanicals evenly over the baking tray.

  • Leaves and buds take different amounts of time to decarb in the oven, based on different shapes and density.
  • Buds should be no bigger than a thumbprint.
  • Break buds apart GENTLY by hand to avoid damaging the trichomes. Remove stems and undesirable plant material (yellow/extremely wilted or withered leaves). Top quality & clean materials are most desired requirements.

4-Place tray in the exact centre of the oven (adjust baking rack if needed). Let the botanicals "decarb" at that temperature for 1 hour and 10 minutes, or until buds are golden brown and leaves are a deep green. Always keep an eye on this process to exact this routine (ovens vary, buds differ, leaves are thinner).

  • Check occasionally to avoid burning.
  • AROMA is very noticeable, you may want to prepare accordingly.
  • When it is ready you should smell an unmistakable aroma, similar to roasted chestnuts, be prepared to have your entire home to fill up with this scent.

5-Remove baking tray from oven and wait for it to cool. Won't take long at all.

6-Place a strip of wax paper on your counter, long enough to hold all your decarb material.

7-Gather all your decarbed buds and plant material and gently crumble them on the wax paper. They should not be moist, if they are, they require further time in the oven.

8-Gently put ALL buds & plant material into the MB2 by folding the wax paper in half, like a rolling paper, and slide it in the MB2. Don't drop it, us brain patients have the shakes sometimes.

9-Add EVOO Oil (my preference) to MB2, covering all of the plant material.

  • Make sure the oil and is above the 'Min' Line on the inside of the machine. Ingredients will not mix properly if the oil is not above the MIN line!

10-Add Liquid Sunflower Lecithin to MB2 and stir. (Must use liquid sunflower lecithin, no substitutes) This is an all-natural binder & brain medicine too.

11-Close the MB2 and set the temperature to 160F.

12-Set the time to 8 hours. It does make noise the entire time. The MB2 will beep constantly when it is finished.

13-Unplug the power cord from the MB2 and carry it over to the sink.

14-Place the Pyrex glass measuring cup in the sink or on a spill catching surface. (oil is HOT and can spatter easily).

15-Put on the "Love Glove" and hold the straining bag over the Pyrex Measuring Cup, making sure the straining mesh at the bottom of the straining bag is just inside the measuring cup (to avoid spills while straining).

16-Carefully pour the contents of the MB2 into the straining bag (Love glove should be holding the bag, to protect it against the hot oil) OR USE CHEESECLOTH with binder clips to strain. Pour slowly and as much out as you can, including the "sludge" at the bottom, if possible. Thus utilising the entire plant and popcorn buds you grew.

17-Let rest overnight on the counter, cover with saran wrap and a light towel to cool down, and avoid any light or air exposure.

18-24 hours later, pour oil into sealable mason jar through cheesecloth/binder clips to strain it once more until you are happy with the consistency of the oil. If you don't want plant material in your oil, feel free to strain it twice more but use a bigger jar to clamp the cheesecloth to. All personal preference.

19-Seal the jar entirely and place it in a COOL and DARK place. If you are using it right away, limit the amount of light and air exposed. You may want to do capsules or dropper bottles to micro-dose, then you can store a small amount in a cool dry place, bottom of the fridge or cupboard. Remember to always shake your oils because they will settle over time.

20-Customize this recipe based on the tolerance of the patient and family members. If they haven't used cannabis before, you want to use the least amount of material to begin with. If they have used cannabis before, you may want to increase bud amount. You need both CBD to address global inflammation & THC to address global pain; they work together to recharge the endocannabinoid system. This Oilzheimer's recipe, in conjunction with natural brain therapies; has extended my life and given me hope. Dedicated to dementia, Alzheimer's, neurodegenerative disease sufferers & caregivers around the world!


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