homemade bread marijuana flour

Dinafem Cookery: Homemade bread with marijuana flour

  • Bread has played an essential role in cooking for decades. Despite the fact that practically all diets nowadays have turned it into public enemy number one, bread actually has very good nutritional value: it is a source of carbohydrates and contains plant protein, fibre and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. It is also high in minerals (phosphorus, magnesium and potassium) and, contrary to popular belief, hardly contains any fat.
homemade bread marijuana flour

The World Health Organisation recommends eating 250 grams of bread per day, but the blueprint for thinness that has been imposed on society means that consumption of this food has fallen below the recommended amount in recent years.

If you don’t like eating factory-produced bread because it contains fewer nutrients and more refined flour, why not go back to using a homemade, organic method for making your own bread at home? We’ll also be adding a twist with our special ingredient –cannabis. Remember that you shouldn’t exceed the recommended amounts of cannabis in order to avoid any bad experiences.


  • Wheat flour (750 grams)
  • Roasted soybean flour (125 grams)
  • Buckwheat flour (125 grams)
  • Rye flour (125 grams)
  • Marijuana flour (4 grams)
  • 3 glasses of water
  • Salt (20 grams)
  • Fresh yeast (40 grams)

How to make marijuana flour:

To make your “green flour”, you’ll need to choose stems and leaves that have been manicured and add a couple of grams of buds. It’s vital to make sure that all this plant matter is dry when you decide to use your marijuana plant to make flour. Chop the mixture well in a blender and try to make sure that the powder is as fine as possible. After chopping everything up, strain the mixture through a sieve to get rid of any woody material.

How to make the bread:

Perhaps you love all things bread and have your own machine or robot for kneading dough at home, but don’t worry if this is not the case. Roll your sleeves up and knead the old-fashioned way by using your hands (in small amounts that you can manage).

Pour the water (which should be warm or very slightly hot) into a large bowl and add the flour. Mix everything together until the dough reaches a consistency where you are able to knead it. Add the salt and yeast throughout the process and keep going until the dough doesn’t stick to your fingers. You can add a bit more flour if the consistency is too runny, or a splash of water if the dough is too thick. It’s important to keep the yeast in the fridge until last minute in order not to alter its potential for fermentation.

When the dough is ready, cover it with a cloth and let it rest for fifteen minutes in a warm place which is sheltered from draughts. In order to find out whether the dough is ready, stick your finger into it after fifteen minutes. If your finger leaves a hole, this means that the dough is ready to go into the oven. If this isn’t the case, leave it a little while longer. When the dough is ready to be baked, you can start to divide it into different pieces depending on the number and size of the loaves that you want to make.

You can mould the piece of dough into a half moon shape. Put the loaf flat side down on a baking tray and make two cuts in the shape of a cross on the top.

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Preheat the oven to 200 ºC and put your loaf in. Bake the loaf on the top and bottom for 30 minutes and… voilà! Your delicious cannabis bread is ready!


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