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Dinafem Seeds celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2020

  • Dinafem Seeds was created as a seed bank 15 years ago, so in 2020 we are celebrating our anniversary.
  • Taking advantage of this anniversary, we have prepared a series of articles in which to tell you our story in a way that we never have before – not only the story of the Dinafem Seeds you know today, but also the origins of the brand, which date back more than a decade before the bank was established. 
  • In 2020 we will be presenting not only the major milestones of Dinafem Seeds as a genetic bank, but the people behind the brand.
Cultivo de Cannabis

In 2020 Dinafem Seeds celebrates its 15th anniversary. Dinafem Seeds was established in 2005 as a seed bank. It was then that we launched our first catalogue of marijuana varieties, which included our first feminised seed, Power Kush. In the current cannabis context, a small catalogue of feminised seeds may seem like no big deal, but in 2005 Dinafem's was the first feminised product germinated in Spain. And the cannabis context has changed a lot during the last 15 years, both nationally and globally.

That is why in 2005 it was hard to believe that by 2020 Dinafem would have its own laboratory to analyse the cannabinoids and terpenes of their genetics. It was unthinkable that a cannabis strain without THC and which was not psychoactive might be a success. Nor was it easy to anticipate that in 2020 Dinafem would have not only an extensive catalogue of feminised seeds but also a complete range of autoflowering seeds, varieties rich in CBD and fast-flowering genetics.

But even though Dinafem Seeds has been in existence since 2005, the origins of the seed bank date back more than a decade earlier. Until now we have always told our story from the moment we offered you the first seed, but the "parents" of this seed bank had been growing cannabis, investigating the plant and working on the development of feminised varieties many years before. On the occasion of our 15th anniversary we are going to tell you how this project came about in detail and introduce you to all the people who actively participated in the creation of this seed bank.

History of Dinafem Seeds

  • From the late 1980s until 2005: The founders of Dinafem Seeds learn from home growing.

    Catálogos feminizadas, autos y CBD Dinafem Seeds

  • 2002: Period of technical research and setting up of the operational part of the seed bank.
  • 2003: Launch of the first feminised seeds.
  • 2005: Dinafem Seeds is formally established as the first professional company dedicated to the sale of feminised seeds in Spain. The Moby Dick  genetics is launched, which quickly becomes a very representative variety for Dinafem.
  • 2009: The autoflowering seed line is launched.
  • 2010: Moby Dick is named "Girl of the Year 2010" by the readers of Soft Secrets, becoming the first non-Dutch variety to achieve this recognition.
  • 2011-2014: New Californian genetics such as OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Dinachem and Purple Afghan Kush are added to the catalogue.
  • 2015: The first varieties rich in CBD (Critical Mass CBD, Shark Shock CBD and Moby Dick CBD) are launched.
  • 2016: Launch of the first complete catalogue of CBD-rich varieties, the most complete and extensive on the market.
  • 2017: Dinamed CBD, the first non-psychoactive variety from Dinafem Seeds, is launched with 15% CBD and 1% THC; and Hightimes includes Remo Chemo in the year's Top Ten.

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