Dinafem strains at 7 Acres, Canada

Dinafem partners with Canadian Supreme Pharmaceuticals for large-scale cultivation of medical marijuana strains

  • Gradual legalization in countries such as the US, Germany and Canada, and research on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis are changing the current landscape and are giving way to partnerships difficult to imagine until a few years ago.
  • Medicinal cannabis companies need the know-how of seed banks to develop new products, who must in turn adapt their processes to meet the demanding needs of the medicinal market.
  • Based in Canada, Supreme Pharmaceuticals is a medicinal marijuana company that grows Dinafem genetics on a large scale in its Ontario facilities. Over 317,000 m2 and the latest technology engaged in the professionalized cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use. Find out more about this partnership below.
Dinafem strains at 7 Acres, Canada

An increasing number of countries is establishing cannabis distribution programmes for medicinal purposes. In the same vein, Canada's liberal Government is presenting this April a bill for legalising the recreational use, putting the country in the forefront of innovation in this area. There, new companies dedicated to large-scale cannabis production for medicinal use are emerging, and they need to work hand in hand with those who have been working on the genetic improvement and stabilisation of cannabis strains for decades: seed banks. This is how the partnership between the Canadian company Supreme Pharmaceuticals and Dinafem took shape in mid-2016.

This innovative project aims at joining forces for the joint production of high medicinal value marijuana strains for MMPR patients in Canada. As a result of this strategic partnership, Supreme will Benefit from Dinafem's know-how and their decades of experience in the research and development of cannabis strains. "At Dinafem, in turn, we will take advantage of the extensive testing – in terms of production – these new strains will undergo at Supreme's massive and ultra-professional facilities (over 317,000 m2). Also, these medicinal strains will be tested by thousands of medicinal users that will provide us with feedback, which we will use to keep improving our genetics", said Professor OG, technical director and head of Dinafem's team of breeders.

Six football pitches

Supreme Pharmaceuticals is one of the 37 companies with a federal ACMPR licence from Canada's Government to produce marijuana for therapeutic use. From 11 March 2016, this publicly traded company is engaged in the large-scale cultivation of the Dinafem varieties Critical +White Widow and Blue Widow in a hybrid greenhouse the size of six football pitches7 Acres is located in Templeton, a few kilometres from Kincardine (Ontario), northwest of Toronto. "I have always admired Dinafem and I knew that if we wanted the project to be successful, then we had to partner with a leading company in the international cannabis market," said John Fowler, CEO of Supremre.

"Dinafem's commitment to quality and innovation fits perfectly with Supreme's vision," Fowler added. "We must work really hard from the seed selection to ensure the plants adapt well to the conditions of the hybrid greenhouse and to the business goals. This creates unique value in the long run, as the genetics we select this year might be productive for years," Fowler stressed. "Working with Dinafem is a guarantee that we are using the best seeds. Also, the consultation service they provide regarding their genetics and the best way to grow them significantly shortens our learning curve," Fowler ended.

Cannabis bud by Dinafem Seeds

A hybrid greenhouse for the optimized cultivation of medicinal cannabis

7Acres is a hybrid greenhouse that combines the benefits of indoor and outdoor cultivation. According to Matt Rogge, Production Director at 7Acres, this growing method is "quite rare in Canada". The main benefit is that "you can monitor quality, which only indoor systems allow for, while taking advantage of the amazing productivity the natural conditions of outdoor growing provide".

We from Dinafem saw it first hand during our visit. First, humidity, pH, watering and nutrient distribution to the rooms is monitored through pumps according to the growth stage of the plant. Second, natural light filters through the large roof windows regardless of the cold outdoor temperature.

In fact, even if outside temperatures range from 0 to -10 ºC, the shy sun of the Canadian winter comes in handy also during the coldest months of winter. With the implementation of this system and with the facility operating at full capacity, Rogge estimates a yearly production of 50,000 kg of marijuana.

This February, the first Dinafem cannabis strains cultivated by 7Acres were ready to harvest. In all, 2,000 Critical +, White Widow and Blue Widow plants were grown in Grow Room No. 2, which have produced 165 kg of marihuana to be marketed to Canadian patients. This is just the beginning of a project that will keep growing both in size and in production levels. We were there to see it and are really proud to be part of the pioneers that will lay the groundwork of what is already the future of a legal cannabis industry.



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