Cheese CBD: Unmistakeable aroma and flavour with a more controlled effect

  • One of our aims when creating our 2016 catalogue was, without a doubt, to develop a CBD-rich version of the legendary and pungent Cheese, a queen that couldn't be left out of this dance. We were very satisfied by having managed to preserve the unmistakable aroma of this acclaimed variety that has been transmitted to this new version.
  • A unique variety which, thanks to its CBD level, adapts to those who want to enjoy that unmistakable taste of cured cheese in a calmer and more pleasant way.

As its name indicates, Cheese is a variety that became popular internationally and particularly in England due to its unusual aromatic and gustatory features. A very special phenotype of Skunk that triumphed in the 90s with its peculiar fragrance, winning over the most demanding palates. Today, this genetic variety has earned a deserved place among the most internationally renowned varieties, an authentic and unique strain that is still one of the most in-demand.

With this spectacular curriculum it's no surprise that at Dinafem we've dedicated all our efforts to create this new version, Cheese CBD, which honours the attributes of its mother.

This hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica) is born from a cross between Cheese and our elite line rich in CBD, a unique variety in the market that we have achieved through a long selection process. Thanks to this intense work by both our breeders and by our team of laboratory technicians, we have managed to add the benefts of CBD to this tasty variety.

The difference between the original version of Cheese and this new genetic variety lies particularly in the effect. CBD modulates and mitigates the psychoactive effects of THC and this means that, when consuming cannabis with high levels of CBD, the experience is much more sustainable and pleasant. To make ourselves understood, CBD moderates the sensations that for some people can even be unpleasant (anxiety, tachycardia, hunger, dry mouth). Thus, Cheese CBD makes it possible to slowly savour that floral and distinct aroma, without the need to experience a powerful effect.

This modulated effect is produced thanks to its high content in CBD. When we analysed the results in our laboratory we were very satisfied when we found that this strain guarantees a minimum ratio of THC/CBD of 1:1, which can vary depending on the growing conditions, which can increase the levels of CBD and approach a ratio of 1:2. The flowering period is 8 weeks, and if we have good growing conditions, the total amount of cannabinoids (THC+CBD) will be 15%.

This pungent plant has an appearance close to the features of a Sativa: regular and very symmetrical branches with rather thin, long leaves. This variety, apart from releasing a very rounded aroma and flavour, also has the virtue of producing a good yield. For its cultivation we recommend adequate fertilisation and above all, if growing indoors, a powerful and quality odour absorption system. Outdoors, this isn't precisely the most discreet plant; therefore, this is a factor to take into account if going unnoticed is a priority.

Cheese CBD is a jewel in our catalogue that has us head over heels with its pestilent fragrance and which, in addition, is adequate for therapeutic use due to the important medicinal properties that CBD has.

Many studies have proven that CBD or cannabidiol has qualities that can be very useful for treating some illnesses. Therefore, this substance, apart from making the recreational use of marijuana a more pleasant and sustainable experience, is also important from a therapeutic point of view.

With this we don't mean that consuming cannabis without adequate medical support can cure certain illnesses, as the dosage and the intake method are key to make CBD an effective therapeutic treatment. In this regard, what we can confirm is that this variety is a very good choice for those who wish to stimulate their appetite, relax muscular tension or combat anxiety. In addition, Cheese CBD produces a moderately powerful and long-lasting effect that is accompanied by a moderate sensation of well-being and happiness. A good combination of virtues that provides moments of rest and relaxation.


If you would like to learn more about our Cheese CBD... Here's the technical information

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Sex: feminised
  • Genotype: Indica 50%/Sativa 50%
  • Cross: Cheese x Pure CBD
  • Indoor flowering: 50-60 days
  • Outdoor harvest: early to mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 500 g/m2
  •  Outdoor yield: 1000 g/plant
  • Height outdoors: up to 2.5 m
  • THC: 7%
  • CBD: 8%
  • THC/CBD ratio: 1:1



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