smoke report critical cheese it

Critical cheese smoke report

  • Our friend Skunk-mad has written a great smoke report about one of our favourite genetics, Critical Cheese. If you want to know how it tastes and feels to smoke one of our best strains, don’t miss this text. After doing so, you’ll be willing to try it personally!
smoke report critical cheese it

Critical+ by Dinafem will always hold a special place in my heart. She was the first ever feminized strain I grew back in 2006 and was the first strain that I ever did a smoke reports on. Whilst Cheese is a very familiar strain to me. It was the first flower cannabis I ever smoked in the UK way back in the early 90,s and has been a regular strain ever since.

Now I have tried both of the strain that creates critical cheese! but this will be my first time trying this cross. This will also be my first time trying flowers that have been grown only using led grow lights which has created some beautiful compact, dense, resinous buds.

So when a UK420 member named ANTHONY13 asked if I would like to try Dinafem seeds Critical Cheese which he had grown I jumped at the chance.

Physical Examination

Upon opening the bag you are struck with a super fruity smell, with some very subtle floral undertones. By far one of the most fruity smelling strains I've tried. The buds are by far the hardest most densely, compactly structured buds I have come across in 15 years of growing/smoking cannabis. I do not know if this is in the genetics? or down to the plants being grown under led lighting compared to traditional hps/hid lighting ?(I suspect the led played a big part).

The buds have a higher than average trichome coverage (which I also attribute to the led lighting) . When examined under a 100x microscope all trichomes are well formed with 20% amber 70%cloudy 10% clear bulbous glandular heads. 

 Smoke test

We tried the critical cheese in a vaporizer, water bong and in pure joints. The best flavour came from the vaporizer but the fastest onset of effects was achieved by using the water bong. The taste is all fruit. If you are familiar with critical+ and cheese you will know these strains are both very fruity filled with complex berry aromas and tastes. This certainly carries over to the critical cheese!.

At first, you are hit with a very strong fruit berry-like taste then you get the underlying taste of the cheese with just a hint of hash. This has lead myself to believe that this phenotype is more critical+ dominant (80% critical+ 20% cheese)with the cheese enhancing both the smell and taste. The critical+ has certainly helped increase the yield and structure of the end product.

The smoke when we used the bong was very smooth on the lungs and chest leaving a nice white clean ash behind. Which tells me this strain was flushed very well prior to harvest which has removed all excess nutrients. Which has produced a very pure, clean end product full of flavour! The high from the critical cheese marihuana plant is very cerebral giving a heavy head high combined with a nice uplifting body stone. I would not recommend this strain for a beginner to smoke due to the high potency and very euphoric high that this strain produces.

The high last for a good 2-3 hours. Frees the mind,helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia and very effective against moderate pain issues. As this strain is so potent and strong she was better used at night time to help with my insomnia. However when smoked in moderation during the day the critical cheese was very effective with helping to motivate and was excellent as a pain management strain. With the immediate onset of effects.

Final thoughts

The Critical Cheese is a fantastic marihuana seed that will be loved by all that grow her. If you like critical+ but want a bit of extra flavour or if you like cheese but want an increased yield with an increased potency then this is certainly a strain worth looking into. Going off the growers notes this is a very heavy yielding strain (close to a gram per watt)which is backed up with a super heavy hitting euphoric high, combined with a great smell, a full on fruity taste and fast pain relief. Overall we are very impressed with this cross from Dinafem and the grower ANTHONY13 did a great job producing a fine end product. A solid 9/10 strain, highly recommended and will be making it,s way into my grow room in the very near future.


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