Welcome to the year of CBD! Come and take a look: introducing the Dinafem 2016 catalogue

  • We are convinced that this will undoubtedly be the year of CBD. This interesting cannabinoid, which has until now been relegated to the background, has made a splash in the cannabis market and is ready to enter the spotlight.
  • Numerous scientific studies have revealed the many medicinal benefits of this substance, which also counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC and enables recreational users to consume cannabis in a way which is more sustainable and compatible with their daily lives.

After a painstaking research process carried out in our laboratory, this is precisely what we have found at Dinafem. We are therefore so proud to launch our new catalogue of strains that are high in CBD. This is a major step for the industry and represents an important turning point.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance which is found in the composition of Cannabis Sativa. Unlike its cousin THC, this compound is not psychoactive. It also counteracts the adverse effects of THC (rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, anxiety). CBD is becoming more widely known due to its medicinal properties, which have been proven to be numerous and turned it into a substance which is highly regarded and studied.

It is most famous for its anticonvulsant properties and is very effective in helping those with refractory epilepsy, which is resistant to conventional treatment, but this is by no means its only quality. Cannabidiol is also very useful thanks to its neuroprotective properties, which make it a treatment option for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer´s, Huntington´s and Parkinson´s disease. CBD also has anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antipsychotic properties, among others. 

How does CBD benefit recreational users?

As we mentioned earlier, CBD is not psychoactive and it counteracts some of the unpleasant sensations that THC can cause. Until now, growers have focused on producing strains of cannabis that have the highest percentage of THC possible in order to increase their psychoactive effect. However, this feeling of intoxication can be too powerful for some users and even prevent them from going about their normal everyday lives. Other users simply prefer a milder effect and find some of the sensations that usually come from strains which are high in THC unpleasant. This is where CBD plays a crucial role, because it opens up a new paradigm of consumption which enables these users to have an experience that is tailored to their tastes and requirements. When CBD is brought into the mix, it lessens the adverse effects of THC, creating a milder effect which is more sustainable and pleasant but without causing nasty after effects.

A safe bet for the future

At Dinafem, we are convinced that CBD represents a turning point in how we consume cannabis. This precious cannabinoid will usher in new consumer trends tailored to sections of the public who have until now been unable to find suitable options on the market. With this objective in mind, we have spent more than a year working intensely to develop an idea which has now become a reality: our new catalogue of strains that are high in CBD.

The process has not been quick or easy. It has involved many months of hard work where attention to detail and selection have become key factors. After investing heavily in both technology (in order to improve our laboratory) and our professionals (ensuring that we have the best technical team), the end result has translated into high-quality genetics with unusually high levels of CBD.

How have we compiled our catalogue?

We have chosen the strains which are most popular and famous internationally. If we were talking about fashion, these would be the top models of the catwalk. These varieties from the USA and the Netherlands have become the undisputed queens of the market due to their exceptional aroma and potency. By crossing them with our elite CBD strain, we have managed to create varieties than retain the original properties of the mother plant but with the added benefits of CBD.

All the strains listed in our catalogue guarantee a minimum THC: CBD ratio of 1:1, which can reach 1:2 and even 1:3 in some cases. This means that users can enjoy the mildly euphoric feeling of wellbeing which is typical of cannabis, but without that sensation of anxiety, and ending with a sense of calm as the effect fades away. It is a gourmet product that should be savoured slowly and calmly. 

The laboratory: an essential factor

From the very beginning, we have known that rigour is the key to success in this project. As we are never ones to rest on our laurels, we have invested in what we believe is the key piece for this jigsaw puzzle: the laboratory. However much of an expert we are, growers will never be able to calculate the chemical content of each plant by eye. This was a task that had to be carried out through gas chromatography. Nothing happens by chance and results like these are down to more than just a stroke of luck. The plants listed below are the result of intense analysis and selection.

What will you find in our new catalogue of strains that are high in CBD?

Brace yourself because things are about to take an interesting turn. We couldn´t be prouder to present our new versions and we are confident that they will please even the most demanding connoisseurs. Let´s take a look.

Cheese CBD the most aromatic

The most recognisable flavour in the United Kingdom. This pungent hybrid has been created by crossing our elite strain that is high in CBD with the legendary Cheese, which is very popular in the UK due to its strong aroma of smoked cheese. The result is this new strain that retains all the aroma of its mother - an extremely intense, indica scent which harks back to its skunk heritage. Cheese CBD is a plant that has certain sativa qualities: it has slender leaves, regular branches and is very productive. The guaranteed ratio of THC/CBD is 1:1, although this may reach 1:2 in good growth conditions. If you enjoy a strong and powerful flavour, you'll love this skunk-plant. With an aroma that lingers on the palate, it also comes with the relaxing, pleasant effects of CBD.

Cheese CBD

CBD Seeds


Amnesia CBD the most productive

Not for nothing is Amnesia Original the favourite strain of the Dutch. This sativa-dominant plant is the closest thing to having a small factory of luscious buds at home - a 24-hour oven which produces non-stop. Its descendent Amnesia CBD is equally hard-working, but this new version also has the added difference of being suitable for occasional smokers. The overwhelming potency of its mother can sometimes be too strong and even cause a temporary loss of memory. Thanks to CBD, this new variety is ideal for those who are looking for that feeling of excitement and happiness that comes from cannabis, but without the potent side effects of pure THC. If we compare it with alcohol, its effects can be likened to that mid point when we are feeling happy and up for a good time, but without going into that total state of drunkenness where we are slurring our words. It is a very special plant whose flowering period we have managed to cut down to just 60-65 days. It can easily be grown outside and the yield will be ready for early October.

Amnesia CBD

CBD Seeds


Bubba Kush CBD the most indica

This Afghan beauty is the result of crossing the highest quality, purest indica strain of Bubba Kush with our pure CBD strain. It is a fragrant jewel that has captivated us with its deep, spicy flavour -a blend of oil and coffee- that has been passed down over time. Tasting this new strain is like sitting by a campfire, savouring an ancient, full-bodied aroma, and it also has a gentle, calming effect thanks to its levels of CBD. Its guaranteed minimum THC/CBD ratio is 1:1, which may rise to 1:2 depending on the conditions for growth. This is the most indica-dominant strain in the catalogue, which is why its leaves are wider and dark green in colour. It is a shrub-like plant that changes to autumnal purplish tones in cool temperatures and depending on the stage of flowering.

Bubba Kush CBD

CBD Seeds


OG Kush CBD  the most popular

The Californian strain OG Kush is the popular girl from high school - the coolest one who everybody wants to take a photo with. Thanks to its unique flavour and euphoric effect, this strain has become nº1 in the USA and is highly sought after by famous rappers and VIPs. By crossing this imposing variety with our elite strain of CBD, we have produced this new version which retains part of the sativa dominance of its mother and produces upto 20% of cannabinoids (THC+CBD) with a guaranteed ratio of 1:1.

This magnificent plant has wide internodes and separated buds which may not seem very large, but are actually highly compact and dense. It is a new version of OG Kush which combines the aromatic qualities of its mother plant with the smoothness and benefits of CBD. A real treat for those who love this Californian flavour!


CBD Seeds


Industrial Plan Autoflowering CBD  the fastest

We set out to make the 2016 catalogue truly fantastic, which is why we´re so proud to present Industrial Plant Auto - an autoflowering version which is high in CBD. It is a real powerhouse when it comes to production as its autoflowering genetics make it a champion in terms of speed. This hybrid, which is a cross between our Industrial Plant Auto and an automatic strain that is high in CBD, has a life cycle of just 70 days from when it germinates. It is the perfect choice for commercial production, because it allows the grower to achieve a large yield in record time.

This strain is ideal for medicinal use, as it can help to relieve joint pain and combat insomnia and stress. Its high CBD content makes it a superb choice for those who want to enjoy the effects of cannabis in a way which is sustainable and compatible with their daily lives. Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:2; its level of THC stands at 5 %, while the proportion of CBD is over double, coming in at 10%. 

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD

CBD Seeds


Purple Orange the most beautiful

We have created this violet-toned beauty from a selection of high-quality, regular Californian seeds. This regular Diesel strain from northern California took us by surprise in the laboratory by proving to have extremely high levels of CBD. That was when we knew that we had discovered an exceptional gem in the world of cannabis -one of the few regular strains in the world to be high in CBD.

As if this wasn't enough, this plant has also bewitched us with its delicate beauty -a range of purple hues which make this variety a feast for the eyes. Its exceptional qualities are combined with orange, chocolate and lemon flavours which will delight even the most discerning palate.

Purple Orange CBD has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:2 and produces cannabinoid levels of 16% (THC+CBD). This strain is particularly suitable for those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, as its levels are double those of THC.

Purple Orange CBD

CBD Seeds


Haze Autoflowering the easiest

A cross between our Haze Auto XXL and an automatic strain of pure CBD, this robust plant combines the same Haze flavour as always -lemony and with a touch of classic sativa- with the practical production of automatic varieties. This medium/large sized plant produces several secondary branches which are full of dense buds and packed with resin.

We have concentrated our efforts on creating a strain which can easily produce a quality yield that is high in CBD, without the need for too much care during cultivation. We have therefore come up with a plant that has a concentration of 8% CBD and 6% THC on average when grown outside. However, this ratio is subject to change when this strain is grown inside or under different conditions; the minimum guaranteed ratio is 1:1.

Haze Autoflowering CBD

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