The best 3 auto strains for the 2018 outdoor season

  • Natural and plant-friendly, growing cannabis outdoors is one of the most rewarding ways to obtain a good crop, a true pleasure for those who enjoy the delights of this ancient art.
  • Autoflowering strains revolutionised the market with plants that flower faster and that can be grown in colder climates.

Choosing the right strain to grow is a key step that will make the difference come harvest. Keep scrolling for recommendations on the best autoflowering strains for this year's outdoor season:

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering

CBD enthusiasts were dying for an autoflowering version of our Dinamed CBD, and nothing could make us prouder than having added Dinamed CBD Auto to our 2018 catalogue, a new recruit that produces CBD-rich flowers - the content is about 14% - with less than 1% THC in record time.

Another highlight is the aroma, which is fruitier and far less orangey than is normally the case with CBD-rich strains, filling your mouth with sweetness with every hit. Dinamed CBD Auto is a non-psychoctive strain, being perfect for recreational users looking for a relaxing effect that helps with stress and insomnia, or just for a high-quality flavour that is free from the effects of THC.

Thanks to her high CBD content, this strain is more than ideal for patients looking for the therapeutic benefits of this cannabinoid, either for easing muscle pain or for treating conditions such as epilepsy

Dinamed CBD Auto is a perfect outdoor grow. With minimum maintenance, this little gem produces up to 100 grams per plant in record time - just 60-70 days. Here are some growing tips:

  • Use a 7+ litre pot
  • Water and feed sparingly but frequently
  • Choose a spot with direct sunlight

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering

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Amnesia XXL Auto

The autoflowering version of this legendary strain is a sure source of psychedelic sessions for Sativa devotees, so we caution against her ultra-potent cerebral effect unless you are a regular cannabis user willing to enjoy her mouth-watering lemony, piney flavour with hints of Haze and incense.

Growing Amnesia XXL Auto outdoors is the easiest thing to do, as given her sativa dominance, she grows very vigorously and copes well with wet climates. Here are the golden rules for a successful crop:

  • Use a 10+ litre pot - 20 litres if space is not a problem - and use 1/3 coco coir if growing in soil
  • Water frequently but sparingly to avoid drowning the roots
  • Feed regularly: this is a greedy strain that needs large amounts of nutrients
  • Sunlight exposure: grow her during the warmer months of the year for optimal results.

Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

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Critical + Autoflowering CBD

Critical + Autoflowering CBD is particularly aimed at those who enjoy our most acclaimed strain but prefer softer effects. Thanks to her THC/CBD ratio of 1:2 (5% THC and 10% CBD), her amazing citrus-like skunky flavour is now fit for all. Plus, this CBD-rich autoflowering version complements the strong skunk aroma with a sweet, orangey undertone that makes for a unique flavour experience.

There are just two things to consider when growing this beauty outdoors: a potent smell that may draw the attention of nosey neighbours and the dense structure of the buds, which provide a perfect breeding ground for fungi. This is why you will need to be extra careful when growing her in a wet climate. Otherwise, Critical + Autoflowering CBD is perfect for newbies, as she produces up to 170 grams per plant in just 70 days with very little maintenance.

Critical + Autoflowering CBD

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