Purple afghan kush dinafem

Purple Afghan Kush (Dinafem Seeds): Smoke report by skunk-mad

  • Over the past decade, I have tested many different varieties of cannabis and I thought I had seen it all!. Then I got the Purple Afghan Kush to test which is one of Dinafems new strains for 2015 and I must say that this strain is a real gem. It is one of the most photogenic strains I have ever come across, totally covered in crystals with beautiful lush lavender and vibrant violet colors. The strain has a typical kush structure, super hard compact buds covered in glistening trichomes with an amazing sweet apple smell when ground up.
Purple afghan kush dinafem

Now for my favorite part, the smoke test.

For smoke tests, we like to try the strain in as many different ways. By doing this we can to give the best possible report.

With the Purple Afghan Kush, we did a smoke/vape test with a bong, vaporizer and in a joint form. The taste is very hard to pinpoint I say it tasted like very sweet apples wiwhereas the wife thinks more of a pineapple taste. There is definitely the distinctive kush undertones with a slightly spicy/earthy aftertaste.

The smoke has a nice expansion in the lungs so not too harsh on the throat. If you will be using this for medical reasons we found that the best results were through a vaporizer and the vaporizer gave off the most flavor. The onset of the effects is very fast so excellent for pain management or for any ailment where immediate effects are needed. I think is down to the heavy kush indica influence within this strain!.

We smoked this strain solely for a week to give a good report and we were very impressed at how versatile this strain was. Most heavy indica strains leave me stuck to the bed (couchlocked) whereas the Purple Afghan Kush has a more motivational feel combined with a very nice cerebral high. Do not get me wrong this strain is very strong so can put you flat out if you did have a heavy session but when smoked in moderation this was a great all around daily smoke that will do the job of knocking you out if needed.

Overall we could not have asked more from one strain and I feel very privileged to have had the chance to test this new strain from Dinafem. If you are looking for a strain that has a lot of smell, flavor and effect then I do not think you will go far wrong with this strain and it is such a nice photogenic plant to boot.

Well done to the Dinafem breeding team you have created a real gem. Thank you. 10/10.


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