New Amnesia Kush

The New Amnesia Kush: A Superstar Combining the Best of Two Worlds

  • The Amnesia Kush marijuana strain is one of Dinafem's releases for this 2015 season and one of the most successful hybrids in our catalogue to date.
  • It is a cross-breed that embodies the best of the Old Continent and whose results have placed it on course to become a true classic, thanks to its high yield, compact size and an electrifying Sativa effect that gets everyone’s attention.
New Amnesia Kush

Amnesia Kush by Dinafem Seeds is the fruit of fusing Amnesia Haze and OG Kush, two great international marijuana icons, now together to produce a cannabis cocktail with surprising nuances. Why have we chosen a genetic like Amnesia, fully European, to share its name with OG Kush, perhaps the most famous strain from America today?

When determining what offers the best chances for hybridisation, it is always necessary to look at the tastes of most consumers. While Critical+ is perhaps the best genetic in Spain, the most popular, for its rapid growth and productivity, Amnesia is certainly the most famous strain from Holland, producing a highly stimulating and active Sativa effect. It also boasts high yields, which is difficult to achieve and very much appreciated in a market dominated by "coffee shops," as in the Netherlands.

This is a very large and competitive market; and when notable genetics are created, this is where their performance is really put to the test. In Holland Amnesia reigns supreme because it retains a very marked Sativa effect, but without the drawbacks of growing Sativa (tall and spindly plants, thin leaves). In this case Amnesia is commercially very manageable, with a distinctive flavour and impressive qualities, such as resistance to mildew, and rapid growth and flowering.

Sativa strains grow tall and have very long branches, with many points along them for flowers. Thus, they produce a lot, with normally thin and spread-out flowers. Amnesia, however, does not produce thin flowers like a normal Sativa would, but rather ultra-thick ones that resemble towers of calyxes. The buds are impressively large, due to hybridisation with other genetics over time to augment production.

In Amnesia Kush one has a mostly Sativa plant (80% -20%), but one that is much shorter, less elongated, with shorter internodes between buds, and has stronger branches and a very sturdy structure. It also conserves the strength typical of Sativa plants, which take root easily, grow faster, and, in short, evidence great vitality.

Amnesia, the plant that beat Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze

Strains like Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze have become history's quintessential Sativa hybrids. But they have been surpassed by Amnesia, which possesses the qualities of a Sativa, but with the physical features of an Indica, making it a genetic that packs a walloping effect, with great concentrations of resin. Commercially it is a powerhouse, outdoing Super Silver Haze, and it topped the Jack Herer because it features a much sweeter and fruitier aroma and taste, one more appealing to consumers than the latter strain, which has notes of wood and spices. Amnesia is a Sativa, but with a sweet and fruity tone, a flavour that more people tend to like.

Specifically, our Amnesia clone comes from the breeder Zwiep, a Dutch grower who came up with this plant. Access to the original genetic material is crucial, and we have worked with Amnesia's original gene pool, which comes from a cross between the Afghan and Neville's Haze strains. By bringing Amnesia and OG Kush together, we get a plant offering Kush-like traits, but one that is also hardy and ultra-productive.

In the end what we have achieved is to turn out a very American variety in Europe, to make it more productive. By crossing the most popular Dutch plant with the most popular American one, we managed to produce a strain that is easy to grow in small spaces and offers greater yields than the original OG Kush. This Amnesia Kush also features very large calyxes, with that characteristic shape of the buds, which are very hard, and huge individual flowers in clusters, almost looking like wheat. To exploit the full potential of this plant, crops benefit from plenty of light and thorough fertilisation, exposure to warmer temperatures in the growth phase, and dry conditions during flowering.

A genetic combination delivering strong sensations

If mass production was the goal when crossbreeding Amnesia Haze, with OG Kush the aim was that lemony flavour that Amnesia also has, as the two mothers fall in the same organoleptic category of citrusy, lemony aromas. Amnesia has a very rich and fruity taste, thanks to its limonene terpene content, like OG Kush; that is, Amnesia Kush also has this fresh citrus flavour, with a delicious aftertaste and very rich secondary nuances.

Amnesia Kush contains very high THC levels: over 20%. It is not, therefore, recommended for people who are not used to smoking, or neophytes in this area, as it is very powerful and heady, with a long-lasting cerebral effect, perfect to disconnect (e.g. outdoors) or for unbeatable psychedelic experiences. It is no surprise that Amnesia Kush is the product of bringing together two strains known for their strength.

In short, with this Amnesia Kush we have produced a very productive plant that is highly marketable, thanks to its plentiful resin, and delivers a stimulating effect typical of a Sativa, potent and clean, due its abundance of THC and lack of CBD. A now legendary Kush, to which we added the coveted qualities of Holland's Sativa champion. What else could one ask for?


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