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Deep Cheese


The ultimate version of Cheese

Deep Cheese is, in short, the most powerful version of our Cheese. At Dinafem Seeds, we knew that the legion of followers of this legendary strain deserved an extreme version in which her incredible traits were stretched to the limit. That’s when we jumped into action and started backcrossing our Cheese, until an amazing result was obtained: a feminised cannabis seed, with very stable… Read more >
  • THC: High

  • Outdoors:

    • 600-800 g/plant

    • 2.5 m

    • Late September / Early October

  • Indoors:

    • 525 g/m2

    • 55-60 days

  • Cheese
  • x
  • Cheese

Perfect for: Cheese fans who want more and more.

Deep Cheese is, in short, the most powerful version of our Cheese. At Dinafem Seeds, we knew that the legion of followers of this legendary strain deserved an extreme version in which her incredible traits were stretched to the limit. That's when we jumped into action and started backcrossing our Cheese, until an amazing result was obtained: a feminised cannabis seed, with very stable genetics and unbeatable traits, capable of delivering very special and intense sensations.

This top-notch cannabis classic, which is already part of the history, has never stopped achieving success, always being a guarantee of quality and excellence. Therefore, with all her features pushed over the edge, there'll be nobody who can really remain indifferent in front of such a potent hybrid. Her excellent overall qualities make her a real cannabis delight for experts and rookies alike.


Deep Cheese turns into Christmas-tree-shaped marijuana plants with a moderate height, sometimes becoming 2-m high outdoors if the growing conditions are adequate. Her rather Sativa-like structure is built around a huge main cola surrounded by numerous branches that end up completely covered in dense, resin-packed buds.


Deep Cheese produces super-bountiful crops. In fact, this heavy-producer can provide up to 525 g/m2 indoors and some 600-800 g/plant outdoors. Her yield is therefore sure to be more than satisfactory without even being an expert in the field. When the harvesting arrives, so does the party, because it’s then that cannabis growers really become aware of the large number of rock-hard, resinous and deliciously smelly buds they're about to enjoy.

Aromas and flavours

The taste and aroma of Deep Cheese are from another galaxy. Her intense flavour of cured cheese will inevitably wrap all your senses at once. A barrage of sensations that will make your body shake with pleasure. Cheese-lovers will become satisfied as ever!


Deep Cheese has the virtue of being a marijuana strain that produces a perfect physical and cerebral effect of great potency and duration that very few can find. A mental and physical 'high' takes over all your senses, creating a pleasant and bearable world of sensations right from the very first drag. It gets your head running but your body remains relaxed.


Deep Cheese is a cannabis beast that is grown with ease because she delivers generous crops even without making much effort. Her ability to cope with any moisture-related problems is a great asset worth taking into account too, so growers only have to worry about providing her with a standard diet. Indoors, she responds well to all growing methods but it is with SOG and SCROG that she shows her full potential. Outdoors, she thrives in temperate, Mediterranean climates or under the protection of the greenhouse. A word of caution, though: guerrilla growing in remote areas is highly recommended because her incredibly intense aroma will spread exaggeratedly. For the very same reason, we advise you use anti-odour filters when cultivating indoors, unless you’ve got no nearby neighbours. Her flowering cycle will end very fast, in about 55-60 days indoors and in late September/early October outdoors.

Characteristics of
Deep Cheese cannabis seeds

CrossCheese x Cheese
Indoor flowering55-60 days
Indoor yield525 g/m2
Outdoor harvest timeLate September / Early October
Outdoor yield600-800 g/plant
Outdoor height2.5 m

*Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.

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27 customer reviews
4.93 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings)

All reviews about Deep Cheese:

  1. Absolute pleasure to grow and smoke!

    5 out of 5
    2/2 seeds sprouted and grew in a way where not much training was required. Absolutely the most amazing terpene profile for me. Much stronger than anticipated with a very enjoyable effect. Absolute pleasure to grow and smoke!
  2. Mr

    5 out of 5

    Although havent grown it, i have tasted the bountiful delights of the Deep Cheese strain. I feel it has a perfect balance, i was totally oicked after a big rolly lol. Unfortunately never had any round here since in the UK so i hope laws change and id grow this strain and a few others by Dinafem. Really want to try DinaChem too:-)

    1. 5 out of 5

      Hello, you should try DinaChem, it's pure fire strain, sure you will be positively impressed. Best regards

  3. Great time after time

    5 out of 5
    Never had a a problem great from seed to flower no hermie traits ever they know there craft
  4. A real keeper.

    5 out of 5
    This strain was an absolute joy to grow. I ran into zero issues though out the whole life cycle of this plant. I topped this plant 6 times and she was grown using the trellis net method under a 315 watt LEC. In 4 way garden mix soil. I fed her only homemade organic compost tea for the vegetation period and added molasses and bee honey to the mix during the flower period. The yield was abundant! She was chopped down on day 64 and hang dried for 12 days and cured in jars for 5 weeks. The flowers where thick and covered In trichomes. This particular pheno had thick vigorous leaves, tight node spacing allowing for excellent stacking . She smelled like a tropical fruit platter drizzled with well aged pungent cheese. The high creeps on smooth and slow alowing for deep conversation and thought while still being very focused to get tasks done. I love taking a few hits of this strain before heading to my garden. She will stay as a solid keeper to help medicate me and my family for years to come. Thanks for the great strain. Happy Gardening and Good Vibes Only
  5. Dank

    5 out of 5
    Your deep cheese strain is amazing. Easy to grow for beginners and a delight for experts. The smell and taste is absolutely glorious!! Pungent goodness! Thanks for the top notch genetics.
  6. Retired

    5 out of 5
    I guess it was about two years ago I bought some Deep Chees from Herbies, cant remember how many, but got one plant that was some of the best tasting, best High, everything was great about this Pot. It smelled and tasted so much like Grape Kool Aid my wife and I referred to it as Grape Dope. 4 months ago I bought 10 DC and 5 White Widow. Out of that Im down to my last 2 plants, and I am still searching for the Grape Dope. All of it that grew was at the least very good but none is like the first Grape Dope. Im hoping that the last 2 plants are going to be the winner. My experience with Deep Cheese has been a good one and will get it again.
  7. Awesome Skunky and Funky!

    5 out of 5
    Was lucky enough to score a seed from a buddies 10pk, and boy it was the winner of the batch! Deep Funky cheese aroma tickles the nostrils and provides a deep stony high. Definitely a pheno added to the mothers room.
  8. Not really cheese

    5 out of 5
    From a 10 pkt only 2 came out as cheese but it seems im on a losing battle trying to get cheese in seed form just going to have to stick to a mother but the number of phenos in a pkt suggests more stabilisation is needed
  9. Deep cheese

    5 out of 5
    Top weed great taste highly recommend it
  10. good plant

    5 out of 5
    heavy yield fantastic smell some brilliant phenos rock hard buds take a good week to dry out if in coco i get around 550 to 600g per 600w dutch pro nutrients cant go wrong
  11. Narcotic pheno / Horny Pheno

    4 out of 5
    I bought a 3 pack, 2 were good strong plantsThey finished bang on 9 weeks One phenotype was EXCELLENT night medicine, seriously narcotic, asleep before I finished the joint every nightThe other Phenotype was more of a skunky, stimulating cheese, satisfying, sexually arousing, this girl gave me the right horn every time I smoked herGreat genetics, eagerly awaiting another 5 pack of this strain so I can find a keeper (or 2)
  12. Deep cheese

    5 out of 5
    If deep cheese has both parents as the exodus cheese plant then why the different phenotype s? Some smelt lemoney some cheesey not what I expected or as described
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