15-Minute Orgasms: the First Marijuana Lubricant Goes on Sale in Colorado (only for women)

  • The Afrodita Group has created a marijuana based lubricant that has been designed for women. Until now, the product had only been sold on the market in California. This month of January, it will also go on sale in Colorado.

The Foria lubricant went on sale for the first time in July, in California, and was a unique event: never before had a marijuana-based lubricant been created, not to mention one that had been designed specifically for women.

Since then, the substance has been sold in little bottles, each costing at least 64 euros. The idea came about thanks to a medicinal marijuana initiative, the Afrodita Group. The group’s members believe that quality and safe access to cannabis should be provided in all aspects of life (including sex).

The creators of the gel attest that it is completely natural, and does not contain harmful chemical substances, given that it has to be applied directly to the women’s intimate area. Because of this, it is scented with coco extract and designed to provide a natural fragrance, prevent infections, pain and tension, promote natural lubrication and create the necessary relaxation needed for sexual experiences.

In addition to producing 15 minute long orgasms–although effects do differ among women−, the creators of Foria maintain that their lubricant contributes to good sexual health. Each bottle contains enough liquid for 30 sessions, and has a THC level of 360 mg. Before going on the market, results were tested on 100 volunteers, who reported that they had enjoyed more satisfying sexual relations when using the product.

Those behind the initiative hope to continue to sell their well-received product in more states as time goes by. They also say that they could never have imagined the impact that the product would have on the Cannabis community, particularly amongst young women who “are looking to create more intimacy with themselves and their bodies”.


Information taken from lamota.org, thecannabist.co, buendiario.com


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