Barney's Farm Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Barney’s Farm feminized cannabis seeds belong to a varied, top-notch collection with many strains to choose from. This seed bank strives to offer a section comprising marvellous fruity strains such as the Kush, Haze and Blue lineages, among others. See more >

All feminized seeds available in Barney’s Farm catalogue are of such high quality that have received countless positive reviews as well as the recognition of experienced and inexperienced breeders worldwide. This is the result of years and years of continuous improvement and innovation, where the team has never stopped looking for unique genetics.

Some of the most widely known feminized cannabis seeds of Barney’s Farm are Vanilla Kush and Pineapple Chunk. They are all stable strains with really intense and special organoleptic properties that are a must in everyone’s garden.

The team of Barney’s Farm has never stopped experimenting with selected marijuana strains because it has always been their intention to keep on innovating and exploring the endless possibilities feminised genetics can offer.

We invite you all to visit the section of feminised seeds in Barney’s Farm catalogue, where you will come to discover numerous strains with really attractive properties and special characteristics.