Barney's Farm CBD Cannabis Seeds

Barney’s Farm presents a collection of cannabis seeds with high CBD content that offer many advantages to therapeutic and recreational users alike. A broad range of strains aimed at those who wish to enjoy cannabis with low psychoactive levels and moderate effects. See more >

The seed bank Barney’s Farm so far hasn’t created many CBD-rich strains. However, the positive response received by them and the ever-growing demand for this kind of strains within the field has encouraged them to keep on investigating in order to meet the needs of these users that are indeed more and more numerous.

The key to the success of these marijuana strains lies in the achievement of a good balance between the CBD and the THC. Under these circumstances, a seamless synergy is developed and the psychoactive levels of THC are significantly reduced. CBD Blue Shark and CBD Critical Cure prove that tasty cannabis is now accessible to all; a kind of marijuana with a controlled effect and the potential to alleviate a wide variety of ailments.