Reserva Privada Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reserva Privada feminized cannabis seeds are the result a combination of the best genetics from the west coast of the USA and several Dutch marijuana strains. These hybrids go beyond any expectations breeders could have because, like most American strains, provide not only a mind-blowing effect but a really high yield too. See more >
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Reserva Privada has created numerous feminized strains with unique traits that are regarded as a masterpiece of modern genetics. The wide range of flavours, aromas and effects supplied by these seeds is so appealing that once you try them, you are sure to love them.

There are so many Reserva Privada feminised seeds worth a mention, that it's difficult to select just a few. However, we could not do without the world-renowned Kosher Kush, a really easy-to-grow plant that has won virtually every competition she has taken part in, and Strawberry Banana , created thanks to a close collaboration with Serious Seeds.

Within this collection, Reserva Privada provides the opportunity to enjoy some excellent genetics and their tasty organoleptic properties. The traits of the so-coveted Californian cannabis as well as of the European strains will not go unnoticed. If you visit and examine this section on feminized marijuana seeds, we are certain that nothing will stop you from succumbing to temptation.