The Time is Coming: Uruguayan Pharmacies to Begin to Sell Cannabis in 2016

  • Two companies will be in charge of growing the marijuana that will be distributed at these establishments. They will produce two tonnes per year, and Uruguayan users will be able to buy up to 10 grams weekly.

In 2013 Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalise marijuana. Since then, it has become an example to be followed in the sector. Just as in the US states of Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and in the District of Columbia, regulation has been introduced progressively but intermittently so that each place's programmes are able to comply with regulations and users appreciate their benefits.

Uruguay's citizens are now patiently waiting for pharmacies to begin to distribute grass legally. Everything seems to suggest that this is imminent, and that 2016 will be the year. Juan Andrés Roballo, head of the country's National Drug Junta, explained that cannabis would be reaching the establishments in "no less than eight months from now," but that it would arrive. Back in May of 2014, however, the country had already established a six-month deadline for the sale of this product at pharmacies.

The process is already underway. The country has announced that, from amongst 22 applicants, two companies have been chosen to cultivate the cannabis that will be distributed commercially and reach pharmacies. The fortunate firms charged with this task are Symbiosys and Iccorp, each of which will be able to produce two tonnes of grass per year.

Their crops will be overseen by the government, and users will be able to acquire up to 10 grams weekly. This news comes in addition to what had already been announced: in Uruguay each home may have up to six plants, and citizens may join cannabis clubs to collectively grow up to forty. It will be necessary to wait a while for the product to reach those patients who wish to buy it at pharmacies, but that day is closer than ever.


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