The Secret of the Town with the Highest Life Expectancy on Earth: They Live Longer than 100 Years Thanks to a Hemp Seed Rich Diet

  • The inhabitants of a small town in China can be proud of having the longest lives on earth, and surpassing the average life expectancy of the rest of the planet. The secret is simply that their diet is based around hemp seeds. 

The majority of the inhabitants in the small Chinese village of Bama Yao live to more than one hundred years old thanks to a hemp seed rich diet. According to experts, the high fatty acid content (especially Omega 3 and 6) is the main factor behind the beneficial effects of hemp seeds, the secret ingredient that makes these residents the longest living people in the world.

Experts state that these types of vegetables and antioxidants can help to reduce the risk of cancer (especially breast and colon cancer). They can also help to control sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes.

On the other hand, the fatty acids in hemp seed contain vitamins A, D and E which help to fight viruses and keep the brain healthy as we age.

Additionally, hemp seed is rich in calcium, sodium, iron and fibre, fibre that prevents people from excessive eating and helps to encourage a healthy digestive system.

However, the consumption of hemp seeds is not the only healthy habit among the inhabitants of Bama Yao. They also drink very clean water and eat other foods that do not contain salt, sugar, and animal fat, all of which helps to improve health.


Information taken from naturalsociety.com and Hemp.org


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