What Do People in the United States Think about Marijuana Following Legalisation?

  • A user on Reddit asked the opinion of the community in relation to marijuana regulation in some areas of the United States. They received almost 9,600 comments from other citizens that highlighted the medicinal potential in terms of treating cancer patients or the plant’s capacity to improve sexual relations.

Oregon, Alaska, Colorado and Washington D.C. are leading the green revolution in the United States. In those four states, marijuana consumption has already been regulated for recreational purposes. However; what do citizens think about legalisation? A user on Reddit has openly asked those that have tried cannabis for the first time following regulation. The enquiry has opened a big debate: it has led to almost 9,600 comments and 4,313 votes, 90% of which are positive.

Many users decided to share the stories of family members that have used cannabis to help them confront their illness. One of them told how their uncle, who had been informed by doctors that pancreatic cancer would end his life with six months, was able to go on one last trip thanks to cannabis.

The mother of that Reddit user purchased marijuana for her brother when they were passing through Colorado and he was able to enjoy his last adventure without the symptoms of his illness. “My mother is now a great supporter of cannabis, after experimenting it first hand with my uncle”, he explained.

A woman also told of how marijuana had saved her marriage: she was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a hysterectomy where her uterus was removed. Only marijuana helped her to get her sexual appetite back again.

She is not the only one: many other users highlighted that the consumption of cannabis has improved their relationships. “Since that night we have had a more passionate love life and a more satisfying relationship”, stated one user as he described the first day when he and his partner decided to try marijuana.

Another internet user stated they had always obeyed the law and that is why they had not smoked cannabis. After doing so, they realised that there was absolutely no danger involved: “I did it and it is really so simple that I do not understand how anybody can think it is as horrifying as people make it out to be”. So Reddit users are clear about one thing: the legalisation of marijuana has been the best decision that the four states could have taken.


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