Quick Kush Dinafem Seeds Front

New Quick Kush: the most highly acclaimed Kush can also be the fastest

  • A very special release aimed at OG Kush lovers in need for speed.
  • The quick version of California’s pet strain flowers in 49-56 days.
  • Highly resistant and grateful, her yield is massive and her effect super potent.  
Quick Kush Dinafem Seeds Front

That unmistakable oily and lemony scent. That high resin count rendering any grinder unusable in the blink of an eye. That cerebral buzz capable of leaving you feeling glued to the couch totally cut off from the real world. Dear Kush lovers, we do know that there is nothing more we could ask from the prettiest girl in California but our team of breeders did feel that there was still one thing that the legendary OG Kush could be better at. And they were actually right because the strain they've developed boasts not only all the amazing traits of the Kush family but also a much quicker flowering. Such new creation is Quick Kush, an incredible cannabis plant flowering in less than 56 days that is sure to seduce the most demanding OG Kush lovers.

This mid-sized and slender plant with broad leaves and evenly distributed elongated branches is impressively beautiful, and we're not exaggerating. Armed with highly resistant genetics, she grows happy in warm and dry climates with a standard feeding and watering regime, offering top-quality buds if these conditions are fully met.

Main advantages: more abundant and earlier harvests

Quick Kush is one to two weeks faster than the original OG Kush, with a flowering time of 49-56 days. This allows for early harvest: by mid-September in southern Europe and a month later up in the north. Since her buds will be ready earlier than usual, we'll no longer have to worry about the rainfall and low temperatures that autumn generally brings with it. But don't think that indoor growers won't be able to benefit from this amazing strain. Her being so fast means that they'll have the chance to harvest multiple times in a season. Every square meter will, therefore, be highly optimized

Early maturing leads to fully-developed effects

Quick Kush grows faster than the feminised version. What does this mean? It means that she's exposed to more hours of sunshine and heat when growing in the open air. Such extra hours of light and heat result in higher cannabinoid levels, so, if OG Kush was already known for her high THC content, this quick version exceeds her predecessor, making her effect just suitable for fearless cannabis heavyweights.

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