Quick Critical +

New Quick Critical +: the speedy version of our superstar

  • The speedy version of Critical +
  • Same aroma, effect, yield and taste, but a week faster.
  • Flowering in less than 50 days.
Quick Critical +

When it comes to growing cannabis, many cultivators opt for fast-growing genetics because they offer more crops in less time, which is quite an achievement. This is where the main advantage of Quick Critical + lies: she'll produce much more than the legendary Critical +. With her, you'll be able to enjoy the same taste, aroma, and quality as the original a week or so earlier. And don't worry about her yielding properties because they're very much alike too (we've noticed a 50g drop in 1/2 kg).

Coming from the cross of an elite female clone of Critical + and an elite reversed (male) female plant of our Critical + 2.0 Auto line, Quick Critical + is one of the easiest to grow genetics ever, producing top-quality buds in exchange for very little attention. If Critical + was synonymous with yield and quality, and Critical + 2.0 with resistance, this incredible creation is, besides all that, super-quick. But she's not an autoflowering plant. She's simply a week or so faster than the original. So, if you love huge genetics, this strain is meant for you. A plant growing as big as you wish her to during the vegetative phase that can produce equally amazing buds during the flowering.

Greater cost-effectiveness and lower risks than with Critical +

This Quick version has two main advantages: fewer risks outdoors and greater cost-effectiveness indoors.

Quick Critical + outdoors:

Lower climate-related risks: in the northern hemisphere, Quick Critical + is ready for harvest in September, sometimes at the beginning of this month (Mediterranean area), others by mid-September (north of Spain, south of France, north of Italy, the Balkans, Austria...) and in other cases at the end of the month (the rest of Europe). This is possible because the Quick version is a week or so faster and needs only 42-49 days to flower. So your plants will be ready for harvest, full of resin and aromas, by the beginning of October at the latest.

Lower external risks: your plants being ready for harvest 14-7 days earlier implies:

  1. A lower risk of becoming a victim of theft (we do know Critical + is extremely precious). With this Quick version, you'll save yourself a couple of weeks of unnecessary exposure.
  2. A lower chance of being spotted. Whether you're growing in your garden or on your balcony, your neighbours will have a week less to worry about the delicious lemony aroma that comes from your house.

Quick Critical + Flor

Quick Critical + indoors:

Greater cost-effectiveness: the Quick version is far quicker. Yes, but how quick? Well… 19.17 % quicker. This means that, should you decide to cultivate indoors keeping the lamps on all year long, with Critical + you'll obtain 7.3 crops per year, each growing cycle of the selected clones lasting some 50 days. With Quick Critical everything goes much faster (42 days from seed to harvest), and so 8.7 crops/year can be obtained with her. No more and no less than 1.4 extra crops per year. Pretty good, right?

Soothing effects with Skunky and lemony hints

Her scent is, in fact, one of her most distinctive features: a strong skunky aroma with notes of citrus that will make your taste buds go wild. And her effect is amazingly physical. Mostly Indica-dominant, this THC-rich strain delivers a powerfully relaxing high that is perfect for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes, from relieving stress to alleviating muscle tension.

Quick Critical +

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  1. 5 out of 5
    Quick critical+ is a growers dream it's super easy to grow the seeds cracked in 9hrs I couldn't believe how quick they grow, they bloom very well with big cola's which are heavy and dense and covered in small trichomes , they will need plenty of support these buds grow very heavy and are full of oil , and the results are stunning , so far my favourite strain by far

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