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Dinafem's Best Cannabis seeds for Outdoor Growing

  • Spring is just around the corner and, for many, the arrival of good weather not only means bright afternoons, walks in the country, and beers on terraces, but also the most anticipated moment of the year. At last it's time to plant your outdoor cannabis!
  • If you're one of those growers, we know that you're already asking the big question: "What strain should I cultivate this year?" The climate of your region, the purpose of your crop, and your skills as a grower are key factors to consider when deciding on one seed or another.
  • Here we help you decide what genetics are the most suitable for your outdoor crops, depending on your needs. Want to find out? Then keep on reading!
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Before giving you Dinafem's recommendations for the outdoor season, it should be noted that it is important, if not essential, to know about the growing conditions you'll encounter in your geographic location. A northern climate that is wet and cold requires completely different measures from an arid and hot one. Therefore, we recommend that you analyse your needs and tastes to decide which strain is best suited to you.

Cannabis is a highly adaptable plant, and the truth is that all its varieties can be grown outdoors, but it is also true that some have advantages over others depending on the conditions under which they will be cultivated.

1- Based on the location of your crop

If your crop is located in a northern and/or wet climate:

If you're growing your plants in a rather cold climate, where autumn rains tend to appear as early as October or late September, we recommend you choose a strain with a short life cycle; that is, those varieties that can be harvested during the second half of September. For example:

  • Critical + 2.0: a good choice to avoid delving into October to harvest. In addition, this variety is a favourite of many growers thanks to its intense aroma, with hints of lemon, pine and spices, along with a powerful physical and relaxing effect. It is one of the star strains for outdoor growing, especially using the SCROG system, boasting very vigorous growth and excellent productivity.
  • Sweet Deep Grapefruit: another strain that is highly recommended if you intend to grow your plants in a northern climate. Thanks to its short flowering period, its aromatic buds are ready to be harvested in late September. This is an ideal strain for lovers of fruity flavours, as this hybrid, generated by crossing Grapefruit with Blueberry, produces dense buds with a flavour reminiscent of wild berries. Thanks to its Indica dominance its effect is powerful, long-lasting, and relaxing.

Growing tip: diversify your strategy. What do we mean? Even if you area dealing with a Nordic climate characterised by an early arrival of autumn rains, weather is not an exact science, and it is very difficult to predict exactly when the bad weather will arrive, months in advance. That is why we recommend that you cultivate genetics with different maturation times, thereby increasing your chances of a successful harvest.

If your crop is located in a very cold climate with a very short summer

If you live in a region where good weather lasts a mere 2-3 months, your best choice for outdoor cultivation is, without any doubt, autoflowering cannabis plants. As they do not depend on the photoperiod, and have a very short life cycle, these strains are ideal when the outdoor season is really short. Here are some of our favourites...

  • Haze XXL Autoflowering: this champion completes its entire life cycle in approximately 75-80 days from the time of its germination. Therefore, in less than three months you will have a harvest full of elongated, resinous buds bound to delight lovers of the Haze flavour. An aroma reminiscent of incense, pine, lemon and exotic woods, along with a powerful, cerebral and lasting effect.
  • Sour Diesel Autoflowering: this strain, created by crossing Sour Diesel and Haze 2.0 Autoflowering, is an excellent choice to take advantage of the few weeks of sun in especially cold climates, as its life cycle spans just 70 days. A strong, medium-height and compact plant that produces compact, elongated buds with a flavour full of diesel, citrus, petroleum and wood. A delicious aroma accompanied by a strong and lasting effect that is both mental and physical.

If your crop is located in a warm or Mediterranean climate

If your crop is located in a warm and/or Mediterranean climate, you're in luck! These types of climates feature the ideal conditions for growing the cannabis plant. Since you can cultivate whatever strain you want, we suggest you take advantage of these favourable conditions to try a couple of varieties that will delight even the most gourmet out there.

  • OG Kush: in high demand amongst rappers and celebrities in the USA, and there's a reason why. This genetic combines a whole compendium of qualities that make it something really special, and its exotic flavour, with notes of lemon and diesel fuel, has seduced even the most discerning palates. This is undoubtedly one of our strongest recommendations.
  • Super Silver: a sweet little one for lovers of Sativa that produces high-quality crops. Although it matures a bit late (it will be ready by the end of October), as we mentioned before, if are fortunate enough to be living in the right climate, don't waste the opportunity to grow this gem. An all-around winner that will give you dense, elongated buds full of resin and a very distinct scent and flavour (lemon, pine, cedar, incense and spices). As if this were not enough, its effect is powerful, cerebral, and euphoric, with a certain degree of psychoactivity, and long-lasting too.

2- If what you want is to pack your pantry...

It may be that, for whatever reason, you don't want, or can't, grow indoors during the winter months. This means that your only chance to fill your pantry is the outdoor growing season. In this case we recommend you choose very productive strains that will make a big difference when it comes to the size of your harvest.

  • Strawberry Amnesia: an excellent representative of the Haze trend today, and a choice that will captivate lovers of Sativa. This powerful cannabis Queen stands out for its ability to produce numerous dense, resin-laden buds of the highest quality. A genetic that really grows well, delivering bountiful harvests of flowers with a delicious flavour featuring hints of strawberry, citrus, pine, Haze and spices, and a strong stimulating effect that can enhance the user's creativity.
  • Moby Dick: We are very proud of this extraordinary genetic that, thanks to its monstrous productive capacity, has achieved well-deserved international recognition. A good bet if you want a plentiful harvest full of large, heavy and resinous buds. Its exquisite taste is of wood, citrus, pine, Haze and incense, preceded by a relaxing effect, ideal to unwind from daily grind and forget about all your stress.

3-If your crop is for therapeutic purposes

In this case we definitely recommend that you try our line of genetics rich in CBD, a cannabinoid that has proven very effective in the treatment of certain diseases, and whose properties relieve chronic pain and stress.

  • Purple Orange CBD: this strain is especially useful for therapeutic use, due to its 1:2 ratio of THC / CBD (5% / 10%). A plant that grows vigorously, producing dense and aromatic buds that give off a delicious, fruity aroma, with notes of orange, chocolate and lemon. You'll want to place it right in your living room, because it is a real beauty, with a dazzling display of purple and violet tones. Its effect is moderate, so it is totally compatible with continuing your daily routine.

4-If this is the first time that you are growing

Are you taking your first steps as a cannabis cultivator? Don't worry. We can recommend a couple of genetics whose characteristics make them easy to grow.

  • Blue Widow: this is a balanced strain that, thanks to its practical qualities, has become famous amongst growers worldwide. With a short flowering period, pest resistance, and vigorous growth, it is a genetic apt for growers of any level, with which it will be relatively easy for you to obtain bountiful harvests in a short time.
  • Critical Jack Autoflowering: this automatic version of our Critical Jack is ideal for novice growers because it produces quality crops quickly and without much fuss. The flavour of this variety is citric, with tinges of wood and spices, giving way to an effect that is strong, both physically and mentally. Autoflowering plants are a good choice if you're still learning the noble art of homegrowing. They are fast, with a life cycle of around 70 days, thereby reducing the chances of possible attacks by pests or mould. In addition, as we mentioned before, these are genetics that are not dependent on the photoperiod, such that, even if conditions are not optimal, chances are you'll still get good results. On the other hand, they are genetics that are more vulnerable to stress, so if you are thinking about starting to grow automatics, we recommend that you get more information here.

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