New 2017 strains: discover our new high-CBD cannabis seeds

  • We have long been saying it. CBD is here to stay.
  • That’s why we have decided to kick off the outdoor season by launching seven new CBD-rich marijuana strains that are now part of our amazing CBD catalogue.
  • Our seven magnificent creations include five autoflowerings showcasing all the yielding properties and organoleptic qualities of the original genetics (White Widow Auto or our beloved Critical + Auto, for instance) accompanied by high cannabidiol levels, and two really special feminised strains named Dinamed, our first 100% therapeutic strain, and Early Amnesia CBD. Do you want to know more about them?
  • So, here’s more information on our new CBD seeds 2017.

Our DNA has always been focused on innovating and creating avant-garde products. In 2005, when the use of feminised cannabis seeds was not as widespread as it is today, we decided to exclusively work with this kind of genetics. The next step, taken in 2009, was to add autoflowering strains to our catalogue. More than 8 years of intensive breeding with over 20 generations have led to the development of amazing autoflowering genetics, most notably the Auto XXL line, capable of delivering incredible crops in terms of quantity and cannabinoid content.

Our last winning bet are CBD-rich cannabis seeds. After years living in the shadow of its psychoactive antagonist, CBD is finding its place in the market, offering not only multiple therapeutic properties but also a wide variety of new possibilities to the recreational user. Thanks to the different THC and CBD levels cannabis strains possess, now it is possible to obtain the perfect marijuana strain for every consumer or simply for every moment. In comparison with alcohol, consuming CBD-rich strains would be similar to drinking a beer, while, with high-THC strains, we'd be more talking about drinking a full glass of whisky. Not everyone puts up with or enjoys strong alcohol in the same way, and those that do don't necessarily have to consume it on a daily basis.

New CBD strains 2017

In order to make a CBD-rich line that would encompass the so-coveted features of the original plants except for their low CBD content, we have used thorough breeding techniques and meticulous lab tests. We also have an amazing library of CBD-rich elite mothers of each line: OG Kush, Cheese, White Widow... Such a combination of factors has led to the creation of cannabis jewels such as OG Kush Auto CBD or Cheese Auto CBD, astounding genetics with incredible flavours but more moderate effects. Are you growing more and more curious? Don't stop reading then…

Amnesia Auto CBD

This genetics brings together the yield, scent and vigour of the Original Amnesia with all the properties of CBD and the great advantages offered by autoflowering strains. Elite lineage, sustainability and speed make up a pitchfork that will undoubtedly delight even the most demanding growers. On top of that, she showcases an amazingly high CBD content that, despite reducing the psychoactive effect of the Original Amnesia, still maintains the heady sensation typically delivered by cannabis.

Critical + Auto CBD

The most popular autoflowering of our catalogue, Critical + Auto, is now accessible to all thanks to this new strain whose high CBD content has considerably suppressed the mind-blowing effect of the original Critical +. Consumers who find it difficult to cope with high levels of THC can now enjoy the classic skunky smell of the Critical + without being hit by an extremely strong/long-lasting high.

White Widow Auto CBD

We haven't been able to resist the temptation… It was written in the stars that we would end up creating a CBD-rich version of one of the most highly-regarded cannabis jewels in our catalogue: White Widow. And since once you give in, it's better to make it big, this high-CBD version is also autoflowering, with all the original traits of her mother (size, yield, flavour, aroma...) amazingly preserved. Her effect, though, is now far more pleasant and bearable.

Cheese Auto CBD

Undoubtedly worthy of her predecessor, Cheese Auto CBD showcases very special orangey notes and high levels of cannabidiol, both of which are generally found in our CBD Auto line. Thanks to Cheese Auto CBD, everybody can now enjoy the pronounced aroma of this legendary strain without fear of suffering from THC's negative side effects.

OG Kush Auto CBD

Consuming OG Kush is like getting an incredible whiff of lemon and diesel oil accompanied by some earthy hints. And, in order to allow everyone to enjoy these crazy flavours and aromas without worrying about being hit by the original plant's high THC levels, Dinafem has created OG Kush Auto CBD.

Early Amnesia CBD

With Early Amnesia CBD, our team of breeders has achieved what not so long ago seemed rather impossible: to create a Sativa that would keep all the typical Sativa traits intact but with a faster flowering and a gentler effect. There's no doubt she is a lot faster than her sisters, capable of reducing the flowering period a week or even 10 days. Early Amnesia CBD is a feminised cannabis seed that has inherited the amazing speed of her auto relative.

Dinamed CBD

For those people who just wish to consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes, we have created Dinamed, the first non-psychoactive marijuana seed of our catalogue. Given her low THC levels and her incredibly high CBD content, exceeding 10% and getting up to 14% in some cases, Dinamed is a plant with no psychoactive effects. At least, no more than a really nice, gentle and relaxing effect. Dinamed is also noted for her delicious sweet and fruity orangey flavour.



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