How Cannabis Clubs Work in Uruguay

  • Two years after the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use in the Latin American country, the first clubs are commencing operations. In order to form part of them users must pay certain fees and accept restrictions so that they can function properly.

In 2013 Uruguay legalised cannabis. Little by little the South American nation has been implementing different parts of the law. As of this month there are two cannabis clubs, registered last year, that are beginning to operate. Among other things, they can harbour up to 99 plants and list up to 45 members. Now another two are completing the final stages of the paperwork, and another ten, at least, have initiated the process.

The clubs, located in Montevideo (the country's capital) cultivate cannabis in rooms equipped and designed for the plant, and their members receive 40 g of marijuana every month. They also comply with certain restrictions: it is illegal to be a member of more than one, or to belong and cultivate marijuana independently at the same time. The spaces are outfitted with dehumidifiers, ventilators, air conditioning units, and filters to nourish the plants and to allow them to grow healthy and strong.

The payment of multiple fees is required to become a member. At one that is already active, Canábico Sativa, it is necessary to pay to a sign-up fee of some 10,800 pesos (about 360 euros) and a monthly fee of 2,500 pesos (83 euros), funds that are used, partly, to pay for the equipment necessary to produce quality marijuana.

According to Joaquin Fonseca, the President of Canábico Sativa, after the harvest users are surveyed to determine whether they liked the variety chosen or not. Their technical adviser, Juan Vaz, says that a club must be like a five-star restaurant: “the member's taste must be cultivated.”


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