feminized white widow

Dinafem: Feminized White Widow

  • We've released a new video on our YouTube channel, this time on one of the strongest varieties in our catalogue, a real classic: feminized White Widow, a plant that, with its fresh and fruity taste, will dazzle you with the most pleasant sensations.
  • We also talked to a grower who knows all the ins and outs on this famous strain.
feminized white widow

Of considerable strength, White Widow is a feminized, predominantly Indica strain that combines medical qualities with a nice, pleasant effect. As seen in the video we have prepared for you, it is a plant that outdoors can grow up to 2.5 meters tall. In terms of its appearance, feminized White Widow's leaves are small, dark and shiny, tinged with a range of greens full of lights and shadows. It also features leaflets that are wide at their bases, ending with a slight point at the tips.

Its flower clusters are large, heavy and very solid. During flowering the buds take on increasingly heavy coverage due to their copious amounts of resin, whose abundance gives the strain its name: "White Widow" refers to the prevailing white colour on the plants when the buds are in full bloom. As secondary but also striking colours we find more subdued ochre and green all over the plant's flowers.



It is an easy plant to grow, so we are dealing with a plant right for any cannabis lover. We spoke with Julien, a French grower who is an expert on the White Widow. He explained to us that this variety is one of the simplest: "It's a very easy to plant. Anyone can do it. " In fact, feminized White Widow is perfect for novice growers. Of course, it requires fertiliser and moderate amounts of water to prevent mould and preserve its flavour profiles.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor growing

This is undoubtedly one of the plant's most advantageous features, making possible both indoor and outdoor cultivation. For those opting to grow it outside, a warm, Mediterranean climate is recommended, because it needs many hours of sunlight. However, this does not prevent it from being grown in colder climates such as France, the UK and the Netherlands. 

Julien underscores this point, insisting that it can be grown indoors and out, although it depends on the latitude at which one is growing it: "If we are talking about a temperate climate, it most likely will begin to bloom in August, generally at the beginning of the month. However, often the plant begins to produce results after the 20th; then its growth is usually fast." In short, White Widow is suitable for the climates of Northern Europe, but yields better results in warmer settings.

Flowering and harvesting

This strain needs an intermediate flowering time to reach its full potential: eight weeks (55 days). With feminized White Widow you're guaranteed a great harvest with a high yield, but it may require a little extra attention. According to Julien, the amount of space a grower has is also important: "In one square meter you can grow from six to nine White Widow plants," so a lot can be harvested in small spaces. It is a good idea to change the light cycle to 8 hours during the last two weeks, as this prevents the buds from growing again. The resulting stress will produce better resin coverage.

Some tricks

With this type of feminized seeds it is important to maintain a balance with regards to the plant's needs. On the one hand, it should not lack moisture, especially at the beginning, but you can't overwater either, as this could drown the plant. In this case, Julien gives us two pieces of advice: "I would recommend not giving the plant too many nutrients or too much nitrogen. Just a little will suffice."

When high temperatures hit care must also be taken to prevent extremes. It is ideal to keep it at a temperature of 20-22 ºC, and to avoid breaking the 28º C mark. During growth it is preferable to use blue or white light functioning as a flowering fluorescent. 

Aroma and flavour

As for its smell and taste, its aroma is characterised by being very cool and, at the same time, intense. Its intensity is enhanced by its taste: very fruity and floral, worthy of the most exotic varieties. "On the one hand, it is one of the most spicy and floral strains. On the other hand, it has a very mineral-rich aroma, combined with a vegetable flavour. The mixing of everything is very nice," Julien said.


Feminized White Widow features a medium-high THC percentage (between 12% and 16%), which makes its effect powerful, energising and social. This strain delivers a high dose of happiness, combined with a shot of energy. "I think it has a strong, energising effect that doesn't make you feel heavy or tired. It is a source of energy and, at the same time, it relaxes you. The combination, in my view, is perfect. I love the effects of White Widow," says the grower.

It will influence you in a dual way, both physically and psychologically, and its relaxing capacity makes it suitable for medical issues. It is perfect to deal with stress and depression. But it will not put you out of commission. Its effect is not violent or excessive, although you should have something handy to refresh yourself with, because it will leave your mouth dry.


  • Low level of difficulty, ideal for beginners
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, preferably in warmer climates
  • Sex: feminized
  • Genotype: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 55 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of October
  • Outdoor yield: High (200-500 g / m2)
  • Indoor yield: 55-65 grams per plant, or 450-500 g / m2 under a 600-W (watts) lamp
  • THC: High (12% -16%)
  • CBD: High (3%)

White Widow

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