Dinamed CBD Auto Dinafem Seeds

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering: The fast version of our cannabidiol star

  • Perfect for inexperienced growers looking for relaxing, therapeutic, non-psychoactive plants.
  • The fastest and easiest way to produce great amounts of top-notch cannabidiol
Dinamed CBD Auto Dinafem Seeds

Last year we launched Dinamed CBD, our first feminised, pure CBD, totally stable strain, and now we'd like to introduce you to her autoflowering version. With a cannabidiol content of almost 14 per cent, virtually non-psychoactive - the THC content is less than 1 per cent - and highly therapeutic thanks to her high CBD level, this autoflowering version makes CBD accessible to all types of growers.

We mean all because, as a rule, no previous experience is required to get a successful crop. Autoflowering strains are easier to grow than feminised strains and Dinamed CBD Auto is no exception. In fact, her easy-to-grow nature is her main advantage over Dinamed CBD, requiring less care and growing faster than her predecessor.

Plenty of direct light, a pot with a capacity of at least seven litres, abundant soil and constant, nutrient-rich watering is all this cannabidiol-rich plant needs to grow healthy. Also, thanks to her life cycle of 60-70 days, she can be harvested in high summer - if germinated by the end on May in the northern hemisphere.

Dinamed CBD Auto stands out for the quality of her flowers. She might not be as productive as feminised strains, as is the case with most autos, but thanks to her development speed she can be harvested several times per season. Unlike most cannabidiol-rich strains, the aroma is not particularly orangey, with hints of sweet fruit.

As for the effect, Dinamed CBD Auto encapsulates every single benefit of the cannabinoid in vogue: CBD.


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