dinafem ukraine cannaseeds

Dinafem enters Ukraine thanks to Cannaseeds

  • October has arrived with very good news: from now on Dinafem seeds will also be available to Ukrainian residents.
  • Thanks to Cannaseeds, the country’s official distributor, anyone in the country will now be able to enjoy access to our seeds through this online shop, characterized by the quality of its service and the effectiveness of its team.
dinafem ukraine cannaseeds

Dinafem's distribution network has expanded a little more and now the seeds of our bank, which have been thoroughly developed paying attention to every detail, are now accessible to Ukrainians interested in cannabis. Cannaseeds online store is now our official distributor in the country, offering a wide range of our seeds for all tastes.

Active since 2011, this online shop, immersed in the cannabis seeds market, has worked hard to meet new cannabis lovers and care for those it already knows thanks to a constant relationship through its their website and forum . Cannaseeds also offers its customers quality products and great service, thanks to a team of professionals committed to "put their hearts" in the business.

Now, an assortment of Dinafem seeds comes to Ukraine to delight any kind of grower. Those who prefer Indica dominance will enjoy famous strains such as White Widow (the queen of Dutch 'coffee shops' in the 90's), White Siberian (perfect for those seeking robust varieties that produce dense and compact buds) or Shark Attack (a cannabis hybrid with huge medicinal virtues). In contrast, those passionate for Sativa may choose, for example, Strawberry Amnesia (with strong and fruity taste and aroma) Moby Dick (a worshipped strain due to its outstanding genetics) or Diesel (a complex and exotic strain with exceptional organoleptic qualities). A variety for every taste.

The status of cannabis in Ukraine

Now that Dinafem seeds are much more present in Ukraine, the owner of Cannaseeds, Denys, tells us what the situation of marijuana is in the country and what is legal and what is not for cannabis lovers.

Of course, as he explains, "seeds are absolutely legal" in the country, so anyone wishing to take a look at the website and buy any variety will do so within the maximum respect for the law. In fact, this product is just as legal as any tomato or wheat seed, and it is not in the list of cannabis-related products that are not allowed to be marketed. Remember, however, that these seeds "are sold only as 'souvenirs' and not to be used for any usage punishable by law."

Thus, once acquired, if the buyer decides to plant them instead of using them only as a souvenir or gift, he/she will be entering a whole new field. As in other countries, the volume of the harvest will determine the seriousness of the matter. According to Denys, planting up to ten plants (and be caught) would come within the least serious category. Typically, "the grower would face an administrative fine and the confiscation of the harvest". Still, in order to avoid this, it is better to take precautions. These are some things to keep in mind to grow in a country like Ukraine, where there are still many social prejudices against this plant: choose the best place, have it well-conditioned, and do not talk about it with anyone−even friends−. And remember not to let the neighbours discover your plantation−they could call the police and get you into trouble. 

However, if your plant more than ten plants, then the real problem could come. "Between ten and fifty, Ukrainian law already considers that there is criminal responsibility and the grower could face up to three years in prison", says Denys. The next stretch is the one exceeding 50 plants; in this case, penalties go even further: "If a grower is caught with more than 50 plants, he or she could face up to seven years in jail", he clarifies. Thus, those who choose to grow in this country, a severe one in the application of laws, must take these numbers into account, and only plant what they really need for their own consumption and ensure, as far as possible, not be discovered.

Denys also reminds growers that "storage, transportation and sale are strictly prohibited". And the penalty is a fine or jail, "it depends on the grams seized by the authorities and the circumstances, for them to consider it acrime," he adds.

But what about those smokers who simply want to light up a spliff? How and where can they do so? As in many other areas, the answer is clear: in the privacy of their home. "Smoking in public is strictly prohibited, but the law does not legislate on doing so in private", he explains. The stronghold of cannabis lovers is their home, where they can enjoy a relaxed moment with a joint, a pipe or introducing marijuana as part of a culinary recipe.

Because of these strict laws, cannabis culture in Ukraine has kept a low profile. As Denys explains to us, "people who want to smoke or plant can do so if they are discreet and don't tell anyone," he explains. This is, for now, the only available option.

In addition, according to this expert seed seller, it does not look like that there will be significant changes on the horizon, because public opinion "is not concerned about the issue" and "there is not a real pro-legalization movement" claiming a breakthrough in cannabis issues. He claims that under his point of view, "everyone seems happy with the situation because they find ways to get what they want without having to ask for any permission."

Still, the context is negative for many cannabis lovers, who would like to enjoy it in a more public way without having to hide as if marijuana consumption was a reprehensible act. For now, any Ukrainian wishing to get some seeds can already have access to Dinafem's thanks to Cannaseeds.


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