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Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering: a highly productive strain with improved yields and as stinky as ever

  • If you fell for Critical + and for her autoflowering version when they first came out, you’re bound to love this improved new generation.
  • With her massive, compact buds brimming with resin, we can safely say that Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering has outclassed her predecessor, particularly in the production department.
  • Add to this a strong stinky aroma signature of the Skunk family and a relaxing but still laugh-inducing effect and what else you could ask for?
critical auto principal

After several years of breeding, we at Dinafem have managed to develop a strain that greatly exceeds our previous evolution of the iconic Critical +. In fact, the delicate, painstaking backcross process between this strain and her autoflowering version has been a huge success: a plant that offers far greater yields than her predecessor while keeping the traits that brought her fame - besides production, we have also improved the quality of the end product.

The growers that have tried Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering speak highly of her: "Her production was the most surprising of all. A total success! Huge buds with amazing colour and aroma," a grower says, while another adds that "if you let her reach optimum ripeness, she will be the queen of the garden". And he certainly has a point.

With plenty of branching and extremely long internodes that make her grow as tall as 130cm, this plant's shape reminds of that of the original Critical +. Large-sized and fast-flowering, she is far more productive than her autoflowering little sister, partly because she grows taller but mainly because her dense lateral branching structure produces a myriad of secondary buds, significantly increasing the overall weight of the plant. Another major development is her improved calyx-to-leaf ratio - a trait growers really appreciate - which has resulted in noticeably fewer leaflets and bulkier buds.

Besides, her ubiquitous flowers come laden with orange stigmas covered in great amounts of resin, dispelling any doubts about her parentage. Another trait inherited from her mother is the aroma, just smell it and you will prove us right. Stinky as they come - a clear sing of her strong Skunk nature - she will delight the smokers that like to enjoy to the full every single hit.

And to top it off, she is hard as rock, resisting extreme weather as few other plants do. Even if her small size makes her perfect for indoor growing, she will thrive equally well in the garden or on a discreet balcony or terrace where, quite irrespective of the weather conditions, she will prove her versatility, rapidly producing great amounts of buds without making too many demands upon the grower. You might have to consider staking though as the branches tend to bend under the weight of the high flower density.

An unmistakable, mesmerising perfume

One of the features our breeders paid particular attention to when developing the genetics of this new generation of Critical + Autoflowering is the aroma. The aim was to replicate Critical +'s stinky yet captivating perfume as closely as possible and the result is far from disappointing. So you'd better make sure your carbon filters are within easy rich... or your neighbours well away. And it doesn't end here, as the aroma is just a tease of her intensely fruity flavour, which will definitely tickle your taste buds with its hints of lemon and pine wood.

Bumper crops and fast growth

Now that it is clear that the aroma is every bit as amazing as her mothers, let's move on to production. Well, here Critical + 2.0 Auto has more than exceeded the already high standards of Critical +'s first autoflowering version, allowing for harvest in just 70-80 days from seed. When grown indoors, some growers opt for hydroponics to further increase the yields of the strain, which can produce up to 250 grams of hard, dense bud per square metre. Outdoors, instead, you can expect to obtain up to 300 grams per plant, and if the weather conditions are optimal, she might produce several crops a year. Don't say we didn't warn you: when it comes to production, this autoflowering strain is second to none.

Feels like floating

With an amazing yield, a breakneck speed and an unbeatable flavour and aroma, the only thing missing to close the loop was an effect worthy of Critical's line. Well, you can be sure that Critical + 2.0 Auto leaves up to the challenge. Her high THC content goes straight to the brain with every hit but it's not totally couch-locking, allowing to enjoy loads of fun and laughter with your friends. That said, she is also suitable for medicinal use, stimulating the appetite, fighting insomnia, alleviating muscle pain and soothing depression.


  •  Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors
  • Sex: Feminized autoflowering 
  • Genotype: Indica-dominant 
  • Cross: Critical + Auto x Critical +
  • • Comprehensive life cycle: 70-80 days 
  • Outdoor harvest time: April-October 
  • Indoor yield: 50-250 g/plant 
  • Outdoor yield: 100-300 g/plant 
  • Outdoor height: 60-130 cm 
  • THC: High 
  • CBD: Low

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