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New Video Dinafem: Industrial Plant Auto CBD

  • Those users seeking a cannabis seed with a high content in CBD and with which to obtain crops quickly and effectively have an ideal choice in this autoflowering strain created from the cross of Industrial Plant Auto and a pure CBD strain.
  • Easy to grow, it produces magnificent yields with a homogenous crop–one of its main advantages.
  • Its moderate effect is very suitable for those looking to alleviate certain ailments or to achieve sleep without counterproductive side effects.

In those days when work stress consumes all our energy, or concerns accumulate on our back and sleep becomes an impossible task, Industrial Plant Auto CBD can become a great ally. Without the side effects or the up high typical of varieties rich in THC, this strain will allow us to leave concerns behind, relax and sleep soundly. All this in addition to delighting our palate with its beautiful buds and their balanced taste and aroma.

Moreover, it is not necessary to be an experienced grower to opt for the Industrial Plant Auto CBD, since it is a very simple strain to grow. It is very grateful, even with standard feeding. Its resistance, robustness and high performance will do the rest for you so that, after 70 days of care, you will be able to have and enjoy a great harvest with commercial-like characteristics.

This variety stands out for its beauty and its peculiar structure due to the accumulation of flowers at its top, causing many side and consistent branches to arise, to the extent that they are able to withstand a great number of resin-coated buds. It is also a very vigorous, medium/tall plant with few leaves around the flowers, which facilitates the work of manicuring after harvest. It is, certainly, a strain intended to produce, in the most practical way, quality CBD-rich buds and with a great taste.

For all these reasons, and more, Dinafem's Industrial Plant Auto CBD has won the second prize in the autoflowering category, in the contest held at the High Life Cup The Netherlands 2016.



Industrial Plant Auto CBD is so easy to grow that it can be a very appropriate strain for those getting started in the self-cultivation of marijuana. It grows optimally both indoors and outdoors. Even though it gives better results in a continental, temperate or Mediterranean climate, it adapts to a wide variety of climatic conditions. However, the most experienced growers recommend planting it at the beginning of June to prevent fall frosts from ruining all our efforts.

A beautiful sight

Besides the simplicity of its cultivation, one of the most striking features of this strain is its peculiar structure. In fact, mingled with other varieties in a crop, it would not be difficult to identify it, with its distinctive flowers accumulating at the top of its main branch. With a small shrub-like structure it does not become too high nor exceed 1.2 meters high. However, many lateral branches arise from the stem, able to sustain large buds if the plant grows healthy and strong.

Flowering and harvesting

As mentioned above, Industrial Plant Auto CBD is so versatile that it can grow indoors and outdoors. Harvest will occur within 70 days from sowing. Regular strains require 1 month of growth and 2 for flowering, that is, three months: 90-100 days to harvest. Our Industrial Plant Auto CBD is ready in 70 days from germination to harvest, so its speed allows for up to 5 crops a year, in warm weather, in a greenhouse or indoors. If grown, for example, on a balcony or next to a garden, it is possible to obtain a yield of up to 199 grams per plant. But if culture is indoors and its growth is healthy, yield can vary between 300 and 500 grams per square meter.


A good tip is to use large pots for cultivation, since in sufficiently large containers roots have more room to collect the necessary food. If we choose this variety, it is advisable to use at least 7-liters pots. However, the more capacity, the better. If we have the opportunity to use 15 or 20 litters pots, the strain will grow healthy, because the roots will be stronger and have more air.

Another issue cannabis growers must consider for the proper care of the plant is to incorporate a third of coconut substrate, so that the metabolic processes of the plant occur faster, without thereby losing any of its characteristics.

Aroma and flavour

Another strong point of Industrial Plant Auto CBD is the impressive smell emanating from its buds. Once in contact with our taste buds, hints of sweet fruit can be found, intermingled with notes of citrus, Skunk and even spices. Certainly a very balanced and successful combination for fans of these strains with CBD−for it is important to emphasize that CBD not only attenuates the psychoactive effects of THC, but it also dilutes to a certain degree the intensity of the smell and taste of a strain.


We mentioned that one of the main advantages of this strain, fruit of crossing Industrial Plant Auto and an auto seed rich in CBD, is its effect. For those who cannot stand the side effects brought about by the THC in cannabis (red eyes, dry mouth...) this strain is very suitable. They will find it a great ally for more sustainable consumption as well as more convenient during the day. With a balanced effect, both physically and mentally, many people advise to use it not only to relax but also to soothe joint pain and help sleep. 


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • Sex: feminised autoflowering
  • Cross: Industrial Plant Auto x CBD-rich Auto
  • Indoor flowering: 70 days from sowing
  • Outdoor harvest: 70 days after planting
  • Indoor yield: 300-500 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 25-100 g/plant
  • Height: 1.2 meters maximum
  • THC: 5.89%
  • CBD: 13.28%
  • THC/CBD Ratio: 1:2.25

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