best feminized seed 2016 cannabis marijuana

The best feminised cannabis seeds

  • We’re proud of each and every one of our cannabis seed varieties, but like always, there are some that stand out more than others due to their taste, effects or yield.
  • Our committee of experts sat down to prepare a useful and exhaustive list of the best feminised seeds in our catalogue, according to criteria such as yield, taste or potency.
  • Shall we start?
best feminized seed 2016 cannabis marijuana

For years feminised seeds have reigned supreme in the cannabis market as, by guaranteeing 100% female harvests, they help us to maximise the productiveness of the crop. This, in addition to guaranteeing extremely high levels of quality in all respects, from the effect to the aroma or the yield.

Feminised cannabis seeds emerged in the 1990s to avoid the appearance of male specimens in crops. Although at the beginning there were some issues with quality and they sometimes had problems with hermaphroditism, today feminised seeds are synonymous with quality and effectiveness, to such an extent that they have relegated regular seeds to a small market niche.

The enormous demand for feminised seeds means that the current offer is very wide; for that reason, in order to help you choose what may suit your tastes and needs best, we have prepared this practical guide that classifies them according to types.

Bubba Kush: The queen of the Indicas

Considered the best in the world, Bubba Kush is a pure Indica, exotic, beautiful and captivating. It is an elite plant with a complex and different taste, deep and earthy, with hints of coffee, gasoline and citruses.

As for its effects, it will not let you down, and although it indices euphoria at the beginning, like a good Indica it is also physically calming. In short, we are before a true sensory marvel that is not one of the USA's most demanded varieties for nothing.

Bubba Kush

Feminised Seeds

Original Amnesia: The best Sativa

Its many and varied qualities have made Original Amnesia the most popular genetic strain in Holland. Not in vain, it is the most productive and commercial marijuana plant in the world and, without a doubt, one of the most powerful varieties of cannabis on the market.

In fact, it is recommended that you be careful with it as it can cause temporary memory losses. Those who are more sensitive will also enjoy its pleasant lemon-like aroma and sweeter Sativa taste.

Original Amnesia

Feminised Seeds

Purple Afghan Kush: The beauty queen

Purple Afghan Kush is a beautiful and exotic cannabis plant, different to any other variety, which develops suggestive buds of an intense purple colour. We are entranced by its beauty and by its incredible sweet pineapple flavour. The many awards it has received are proof that we are not the only ones in love with this beautiful Indica originating from California.

Purple Afghan Kush

Purple Afghan Kush

Feminised Seeds

Critical + 2.0: The fastest

It is not the most demanded variety in our catalogue by chance. Critical + 2.0 is the cannabis seed from our collection of feminised varieties that guarantees the largest yields in the shortest space of time.

To get an idea, the outdoor harvest of this variety takes place during the 2nd week of September in a Mediterranean climate and in late September in more northern countries. Last of all, it is obligatory to mention its intense and characteristic smell of Skunk and cheap perfume, unique in the world.

Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0

Feminised Seeds

OG Kush: Extreme potency and flavour

Also known as the Queen of California, this marijuana variety is the most demanded by Californian rappers, actors and VIPs for many different reasons. OG Kush has it all, extreme flavour and potency, ideal for sybarite consumers.

Its flavour is a perfect combination of lemon and gasoline, as the pant has a high limonene content, the substance that is considered to produce euphoria in aromatherapy. If you add to this its content of up to 24% of THC, we are looking at a high class variety worthy of the most advanced consumers.

OG Kush Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Industrial Plant: Quantity and quality

This cannabis variety stands out thanks to its incredible productivity and for its great balance between quantity and quality. It is a very good variety for indoor growing, thanks to its genotype specially adapted to artificial light.

We should also mention, in addition, its pinewood aroma, with hints of lemon a black pepper, which ends with a sweet and pleasant taste. Its effect is of medium potency and, thanks to its dominant Indica genetics, it is more sedative than psychoactive.

Industrial Plant

Feminised Seeds

Dinamed CBD: the strain that doesn't get you high

Given her incredibly high CBD content, and low THC content, Dinamed CBD is a plant with no psychoactive effects. The studies that bring to light the many therapeutic properties of cannabis, particularly of CBD, are becoming increasingly numerous. For instance, being such an effective muscle tension reliever, she is perfect for easing spasticity in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis. Given her anticonvulsant potential, some people already consume her for fighting epilepsy when conventional treatments do not work, as is the case for Dravet syndrome. Research also shows that CBD is effective in the treatment of stress.

Dinamed CBD stands out not only for being the one and only strain in our catalogue with no psychoactive effect, but also for her deliciously sweet and fruity orangey taste.

Dinamed CBD

CBD Seeds

Purple Orange CBD: a chocolate with Californian credentials

This Sativa-dominant marijuana seed that offers both a delicious taste and a more balanced effect thanks to her high CBD content. And all this without even mentioning her delicate purple tones that are a real sight to behold. This peculiar hybrid derives from the backcross of a California Orange Diesel, a very exclusive Californian clone. Her complex taste, therapeutic potential, and striking appearance are some of her amazing hallmarks.

No doubt she's a good producer of buds. In fact, she's perfect for those users who wish to always obtain generous crops packed with cannabidiol.

Purple Orange CBD

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