Amnesia Kush Grow Report: Marriage of titans yields a green wunderkind

  • Amnesia Kush is the result of the merging of two cannabis meccas, namely California and Holland, which have joined forces for an amazing hybrid.
  • Obtained by crossing an Amnesia Haze and an OG Kush, the strain combines an incredible sativa potency with the flavour and hardiness of OG Kush.
  • In this grow report, our partner Green Born Identity explains how well this champ fares during growing and what to expect when tasting her delicious buds.

Dinafem are specialists in the planning of spectacular strain weddings - professional wedding planners, so to speak. To create a new strain for the 2015 season, they brought together the best of two continents for an intercontinental cutting-edge encounter: Holland's sativa queen Amnesia was married to the iconic US strain OG Kush and the offspring of these two strain legends was called Amnesia Kush.

The Amnesia bride came with the recommendation of noble descent, after all she was a genuine clone provided by the original Amnesia breeder Zwiep from Holland. Into the marriage she brought voluptuous curves - in other words, a high yield potential – a tremendous sativa turn and a fruity sweet flavour.

Plus an unusually compact sturdy stature and fast flowering time. At marriage, the proud OG Kush bridegroom, coming with a likewise illustrious pedigree, presented himself gorgeously apparelled in a glamorously sparkling resin coat, impressing the bride with his fabled potency and complex, both spicy and fruity smell. Such an epic marriage of two titans in the world of cannabis strains could actually only have produced a true masterpiece, so it came as no surprise that Dinafem praised their Amnesia Kush as a real smasher.

In the vascular tissue of which 70% sativa saps are circulating which causes a mighty electrifying sativa flash that reaches close to the bounds of possibility. Plants exhibit vigorous growth, becoming medium tall with a lot of strong branches full of dense voluminous buds that take 60-70 days to mature. Its souped-up THC count of up to more than 20 percent (CBD 0.1%) makes Amnesia Kush a strain for experienced smokers who can take a lot, whereas novices would be literally overstrained with this THC powerhouse.


Also characteristic of this strain is its high limonene content. This lemony terpene gives it a delicious fruity citrusy aroma with secondary spicy tinges. Amnesia Kush also does perfectly well outdoors or in a greenhouse, growing to a height of up to three metres and delivering yields of 600-800 grams per plant under optimum conditions. Under natural light, maturity sets in around mid-October. As a matter of course, The Doc was extremely keen on Amnesia Kush after he had gotten sky-high on Dinafem's Amnesia strain one year before, and as is well-known, he's very passionate about Kush genetics, too, so he definitely didn't want to miss out on this exciting liaison of two titans of cannabis.

A few mouse clicks and one week later, he had a package with three feminised seeds in his hands, of which two went into the ground. Three days later, after a typical Dinafem express germination, the two seedlings were standing bold upright above the ground. The Doc gave them a veggie time of merely two weeks as his new super-power light equipment, consisting of lots of SANlight S4W LED modules, generates just as much (or even more) growth and branching as his HPS lamps previously did within three weeks.

And really, sixteen days after germination, the plants were already very well-developed, with four handsome pairs of dense side branches having shaped bushy compact growth. By the time flowering was induced, the plants measured 25 and 28 cm in height – The Doc enjoyed looking at two pretty uniform, beautifully grown Amnesia Kush plants with dark green thin-fingered leaves. Height gain during the first weeks of flowering was expectedly substantial. At the same time, through the production of flowers in abundance, the two plants started to most distinctly express their female sex.

Soon the single flowers evolved into thick clusters which in the course of flowering conglomerated into big hairy buds. As described by Dinafem, the side branches turned out to be very strong - which was absolutely necessary though, with regard to those Amnesia Kush buds becoming increasingly dense and heavy. Structurally, they reminded very much of their Amnesia mother, exhibiting the same high calyx-to-leaf ratio and unusually fuzzy thick stigmas.

Structurally, they reminded very much of their Amnesia mother, exhibiting the same high calyx-to-leaf ratio and unusually fuzzy thick stigmas.

Said The Doc: "these flowers are the spitting image of their mother. However, bud shaping varies a bit – one of the plant generates spire-shaped buds consisting of single flower lances, while the other shapes more roundish, densely packed compact buds. Trichome formation also reveals slight differences: one plant is sensationally crystalline, almost brimming with resin, whereas the second one is wonderfully resinous as well, but not to such an extreme extent. In terms of smell then again, they are identical to one another - there really is that citrusy scent, but it goes along with a good deal of kushy spiciness, that typically earthy piney fragrance I love so much. A most delicious aroma combination, I could sniff at these buds all day long!"

Grown to heights of 68 and 79 cm in the end, the two Amnesia Kush plants matured after 9.5 and 10.5 weeks. So the second one was a few days beyond the deadline, but that was fully okay with The Doc as it had developed into a true flower factory, laden with large-sized buds all over. The other plant presented the same magnificent sight, so thinking of harvest time, in great anticipation The Doc rubbed his hands together. The latter weren't challenged very much at harvest – thanks to the high calyx-to-leaf ratio of the buds, the cutting work was quickly done.


When the buds were dried and weighed then a few weeks later, The Doc found himself in possession of half 252 grams of finest Amnesia Kush nuggets, richly covered in resin and super fragrant. Said The Doc with a grin: "When I was a child, I had an experimental kit called breeding crystals... well, looking at these buds so heavily encrusted with trichomes, one could say this also was the working title for my cultivation cycle with Amnesia Kush".

Still giving off an intense, both citrusy and zesty odour, the dried buds reminded The Doc a bit of those lemon-balm cough drops he likes to suck when he has a cold. Much more medicinal power he expected from his Amnesia Kush weed of course, when he filled a Volcano balloon with a quarter gram. Already the first toke caused an electrifying prickling all over his body, after the second his head and limbs became pleasantly lithesome, and two tokes later he felt as light as a feather and so sky-high that in his mind he saw himself hover up and away, clutched at the balloon. Enthused The Doc: "Awesome! that was a kind of soaring sativa high I've rarely experienced. This stuff seems to lift me up in the air, equipped with a sativa propeller engine that runs at full throttle more than two hours, until I gradually approached to land again. But it wasn't that sort of heavily pulsating sativa flash which makes you feel your heart is in your mouth - instead, the OG Kush influence contributes a good deal of smooth easygoingness, providing a feeling of internal balance. Also, Amnesia Kush delighted me with a highly palatable taste, a splendid mélange of fresh citrusy (on the inhale) and savory woodsy (on the exhale) notes that leaves a long aftertaste."

The Doc gave Amnesia Kush an outstanding testimonial: "The marriage of two cannabis strain titans has really yielded a green wunderkind – in every respect, Amnesia Kush has delivered a stunning performance. Once again a true champion strain bred by Dinafem – it seems that everything these guys put their hands on turns into green gold..."

Green Born Identity – G.B.I.

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