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Industrial Plant: An amazing sprinter, ready for the Olympics!

  • Our friends from the collective Green Born Identity have prepared a really interesting grow report about one of our strains.
  • This time, it is one of the fastest and most productive feminised genetics in our catalogue, Industrial Plant, the one picked out. A wise choice, indeed, particularly in view of the large amounts of delicious Sativa buds this incredibly fast-flowering strain is capable of delivering.
  • Enjoy it!
Industrial Plant 0

Characteristics of the Industrial plant

The strain name „Industrial Plant" may make some people think of industrial hemp, i.e. fibre hemp with a very low THC content. But far from it! This highly successful variety from Spanish seed company Dinafem is based on drug cannabis strains very rich in THC, partly even on a super-famous one: Northern Lights. Created in the USA in the 1970s, this plant is one of the three cornerstones of the so-called "Amsterdam gene pool", a legendary strain triumvirate the building stones of which gave birth to countless other cannabis varieties.

Of the Northern Lights plant, there are quite a lot of variations around – the almost mythic godfather of the Dutch cannabis breeder guild, Nevil Schoenmakers, alone owned more than nine different lines of which Northern Lights #5 became the best known and most popular one. In equal shares, the Northern Lights strain used by Dinafem to breed their Industrial Plant consists of an Afghani indica and a Thai sativa. The male breeding partner chosen by Dinafem for that Northern Lights plant was a secret sativa-dominant Dutch strain well-known for its huge yields. The outcome: Industrial Plant, a tremendously vigorous, highly productive cannabis strain with a fast finish, very suitable for commercial use.

She's easy to cultivate and in most cases yields medium sized or big plants that are laden with voluminous dense Buds very rich in resin. Under optimum conditions, the big phenotype can turn out to be a real marijuana factory with an impressive bud output (up to 625 g/m2), illustrating very well how this strain earned its name… With an indoor flowering time of 45-50 days, Industrial Plant is a very fast flowering strain in absolute terms already, and even a lightning fast one when taking into account its mostly sativa nature. Some growers are reporting in the internet about having experienced longer flowering times though, up to ten days – which undoubtfully is still swift enough for a sativa-dominant variety, however. Thanks to a finishing time of early to mid October, Industrial Plant can also be grown very well under natural light.

Text & Fotos: Green Born Identity – G.B.I.

For open-air cultivation though, Dinafem recommends temperate/Mediterranean climates. In countries such as Germany or The Netherlands, the plants will certainly get additional benefit from being cultivated in a greenhouse. Outdoors or in a greenhouse, they grow to heights of up to 2.5 metres and can yield spectacular bumper crops of up to 1,300 grams. Industrial Plant's THC content is stated as 10-14% - while not being a downright killer, she delivers an intense long-lasting, well-balanced high with a both physical and cerebral effect. And due its high CBD share, this strain is packed with a lot of medicinal blessings also. Its aroma is a complex one, coming with notes of skunk, citrus, wood and black pepper, a fairly unusual combination expressed in both its smell and flavour.

Growing experience

Industrial Plant was one out of three strains The Doc used for his Dinafem cultivation premiere. He had actually started his next cultivation cycle nine days ago and after germination, the young plants had been growing for six days already. Nevertheless he decided to replenish his crop with two feminised Industrial Plant seeds, hoping that the particularly strong vigour of this strain would help the plants catch up with the others that were ten days ahead.

The most incredible thing is that despite its incredible growth and flowering, these plants still have the energy to produce a lot of resinous glands

The two IP seeds quickly sprouted and the seedlings instantly put pedal to metal – as if they had known that they were expected to make up for the delay, they rocketed upwards almost like in a time lapse mode! And they did so even without shaping especially wide internodal spaces or merely focusing on the main stem's length growth: The two IP plants simply grew crazily fast and super vigorously, also exhibiting excellent side branch growth. When The Doc induced flowering, these two Ferraris had been in the veggie stage for a mere 13 days, but already arrived at heights of 54 and 59 cm, thus having passed by the other, much older plants (veggie time: 22 days) even before the begin of flowering. The Doc was amazed: "My goodness! Industrial Plant apparently is a true growth wonder! With this astounding performance, she has set a record amongst all those countless strains and plants I've grown in the course of my career.

These super sprinters are definitely fit for the plant Olympics!" Just as expected by The Doc, the two IP plants kept on stretching vividly for a couple of weeks during flowering. At the same time, they also bloomed like hell and produced a lot of shapely sativa buds within only four weeks. Which filled up massively starting from week five, becoming dense and hard. The calyx-to-leaf ratio was very high and most of the flower leaves were small and short.

On top of that, the buds soon became heavily resinous, looking like covered in diamonds. Said The Doc, "It's remarkable that despite of their incredible growth and bloom performance, these plants still have lots of energy left for a profuse production of resin glands - I think it's the Northern Lights heritage coming through here." The odour spread by the plants wasn't overwhelmingly intense, but sort of woody/mossy, subtly flavoured with notes of black pepper and citrus, really matching Dinafem's description.

With 58 and 61 flowering days, also in The Doc's case the two IP plants took more than a week longer to ripen than officially stated. "But for a strain with that much sativa blood, it still was a comfortably short flowering time", underlined The Doc. Final plant heights were 1.35 and 1.22 metres, with both plants looking clearly sativa-dominant. However, the upper and medium buds exhibited more sativa traits than the lower buds – a kind of variation that The Doc had previously experienced with some other strains already. Thanks to their high calyx-to-leaf ratio, harvesting the plants was very easy. When the Industrial Plant buds had been dried and weighed, The Doc reported: "Yeah! Taken together, these sporty plants sprinted beyond the 100 grams mark, with one of them having yielded 110 grams and the other 94 grams. Given this outstanding productivity, they've impressively lived up to their name." The smell of the buds hadn't changed very much after the drying process, but gained more intensity.


It was a very appealing bouquet of delicate complex spiciness, basically woody/mossy and still infused with those fine notes of pepper and citrus. When test-smoking Industrial Plant, these components merged into a deliciously spicy melange in The Doc's mouth. That mild smoke went down smooth, pleasantly expanding his lungs. A few tokes from that IP joint were enough to put The Doc into a delightful state of deep relaxation, both mentally and physically. He felt the THC and CBD cannabinoids locking into every cell of his mind and body.

But heavily relaxed as he was, he didn't get tired – instead, a kind of friskiness and cheerfulness came over him while he thought about this and that. It was a mentally very stabilizing, perfectly balanced high that lasted for almost 1.75 hours. Enthused The Doc, "this IP bud has a wonderfully relaxing and strongly mood-lifting effect. Such a kind of high is always a lovely thing to have, highly enjoyable. My conclusion - Industrial Plant turned out to be a lightning fast veggie sprinter, unmatched by any other plant, as well as a heavy producer. Also, it provides a fine flavour and a great buzz with marvellous medicinal qualities. Undoubtfully a real smasher!"


Cultivation data:

  • Genetics Industrial Plant (Northern Lights x secret Dutch genetics)
  • Vegetative stage Here: 12 days (after germination)
  • Flowering stage Here: 58 and 61 days/ 45-50 days in general
  • Medium Plagron Grow Mix soil, 11 litre pots
  • pH 6.0-6.5
  • EC 1.2–1.7 mS
  • Light Up to 2x 600 W MH + 1x 400 W HPS in the vegetative stage, 2x 600 W HPS + 1x 400 W HPS in the flowering stage
  • Temperature 19-27°C
  • Air humidity 40-60%
  • Watering by hand
  • Fertilisation Organic Grow Liquid and Organic Bloom Liquid from Green Buzz Liquids
  • Additives/stimulants More Roots, Humin Säure Plus, Big Fruits, Fast Buds and Clean Fruits from Green Buzz Liquids
  • Height 122 and 135cm
  • Yield 94 and 100g

Industrial Plant

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