What’s the best pot for growing cannabis?

  • This is one of the questions that our technical support team gets asked most often.
  • Choosing the right type and size of pot is key in cannabis growing.
  • This is why we’ve decided to publish this post, which is exclusively focused on this matter.

Choosing the right growing pot is not something to take lightly. The decision must be based on the characteristics and final objective of your grow. One of the questions that growers most frequently ask us is "What pot do I need to use for this specific strain?"

The answer is that results may vary depending on the type and size of pot you use. Let's have a look at different types of crops and for each case explain what pot size you need to optimise your yields.

Growing feminised cannabis strains (1 m² 100 x 100 x 20 cm grow tent)

The best size of pot for the growth phase of feminised strains in a 1 m² space, after germination in Jiffy 7, is 3 to 4 litres. For most photo-dependent strains this phase usually lasts 3 weeks, except for Bubba Kush, which is an Indica with a longer vegetative period.

So that plants can continue growing vigorously when they transition to the flowering phase, we recommend shifting them to 7 litre pots, which have almost double the substrate capacity and thereby offer great development potential during this period. With these pots, you'll be able to place between 8 and 10 plants in a 1 m² grow tent.

In a slightly bigger tent (1.20 m² / 120 x 120 x 200 cm), which is an increasingly popular size amongst private growers, you can place between 10 and 12 plants in 7 litre pots.

A smaller tent (0.80 m² / 80 x 80 x 160 cm) requires 4 litre pots to prevent plants from overgrowing. You can easily grow 10 plants as long as the strain you choose is a hybrid with reduced stretching potential.

Growing feminised strains outdoors

In outdoor grows with feminised varieties, for example on a terrace, we usually recommend using 20-30 litre pots, so that the plants can develop a large structure that guarantees high yields.

If you want to grow lots of plants but want to remain discreet, you can reduce the pot size to 7 or 15 litres, depending on the available space. This way you can better control plant growth so you go unnoticed.

If you're growing in a balcony with neighbours nearby, it is best to grow a few plants in pots with a maximum size of 4 litres.

Growing autoflowering strains in a 1 m² grow tent

If you're growing automatic strains in a 1 m² indoor tent, it is best to use 7-10 litre pots for the full life cycle of the plants, with no need for transplants.

This is the best choice to maximise the plant/yield ratio indoors, as you can easily grow around 8 or 9 plants in optimum conditions. From our viewpoint, this is the best formula to optimise indoor growing with autoflowering strains, especially as you need to keep production and electricity costs in mind as well.

Growing autoflowering strains outdoors

If you want to grow automatic strains outdoors, or on a terrace, it is best to choose 15-30 litre pots, depending on personal possibilities and preferences.

Outdoors the available space is larger and solar energy is free.

It is worth making an extra effort to achieve a greater yield. Some Moby Dick XXL Auto, Haze XXL Auto, and Amnesia XXL Auto phenos can deliver amazing yields as far as quality and productivity go. So let them surprise you!

If you're growing in a balcony, you'll need to use a maximum pot size of 7-10 litres. This is sufficient to reduce plant growth whilst still obtaining great yields.

Growing 'Quick' strains indoors and outdoors

The cannabis strains from our Quick collection are photo-dependent, i.e. they depend on the photoperiod during both the vegetative and the flowering phase. The only difference from their classic feminised counterparts is that their flowering phase is shorter. Therefore, we recommend following the same criteria as for the classic feminised varieties; it's really that simple!

Mother plant conservation

For the conservation of one or several mother plants, the best option is to use round pots of at least 20 litres, although 30 litres is even better. Pots need to be round so that the roots don't become entangled over time.

As the substrate is usually renewed only every 6 months, pots need to be large as the plants will spend a fair amount of time in them.

These pots also help prevent the accumulation of fertilisers and mineral salts in the substrate; they promote good aeration; and guarantee survival of this precious strain collection with the passing of time.

The conservation and preservation of a valuable strain collection requires a really thorough care routine. For instance, we recommend rigorous manual irrigation. You also need to minimise stress situations that could be detrimental to the overall health of your plants.


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