What Does the “OG” in “OG Kush” Really Mean?

  • The true origin of the name “OG Kush” is a real mystery about which not even the experts agree. There are many theories out there, although some hold more water than others.

OG Kush is one of the world's most distinguished, renowned and sought-out strains of marijuana among those who appreciate the product's quality. You probably know that much, but do you also know the history behind its name? The origins of "OG" have given rise to endless discussion, and the experts are still not sure about its meaning. It's a genuine mystery, and there are many different theories.

Some believe that "OG" was nothing more than a tribute to OverGrown.com, one of the world's most popular cannabis websites at the beginning of the 21st century, before it was shut down by Canadian authorities. Others believe that "OG" refers to "Original Gangster" in reference to a strain that was grown in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles, and which helped OG Kush became famous.

The soundest theory, however, is that OG Kush means "Ocean Grown Kush" referring to that which grows (or at least used to) close to the sea, by the Bay of California.

In fact, many users think that the OG Kush grown in the area is the best there is and that, when grown indoors, it loses many of its properties. It seems that the humid atmosphere and salt in the air favour its growth.

There are a number of versions of this theory, however, from different areas in California, so we have no choice but to continue discussing and investigating until we discover the true meaning of the "OG" abbreviation. What do you think? Which theory do you buy?


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