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New Video Dinafem: The Real Moby Dick

  • Want to see one of the most iconic plants in our catalogue at full bloom? Moby Dick is the perfect choice for the enjoyment of the senses, including sight.
  • This seed with the name of a killer whale is already a success thanks to its power and its high production rates, ideal for those growers who plant outdoors and for those who prefer enclosed spaces.
  • We present our video of Moby Dick, a crossing of a Haze and a White Widow, selected more than 15 years ago. It will surely not leave you indifferent.

With only ten years of life, Moby Dick has already been crowned as one of the most popular cannabis seeds among self-growers and its extraordinary qualities have also been recognized by all types of critics and audiences. How could it be otherwise, if it owes its success to a unique genetics inherited from its mother, a Jack Herer we selected fifteen years ago. This has made of Moby Dick a plant with a high level of production and a great power. 'Soft Secrets' the publication specialized in cannabis, was one of the first to see the true potential of this strain, giving Moby Dick the "Girl of the Year" award in 2010, one of the most important marijuana prizes worldwide.

A year later, the strain won the award for best sativa in the 2011 Summer Cup and subsequently the Argentina Silver Cup. In addition, it proudly brandishes have been one of the most commented strains in the 'Strain Bible', a digital guide that aims to collect all possible information about the broad number of existing cannabis seeds.

The collection of awards received by Moby Dick is not surprising, as its virtues speak for themselves. With a strong sativa dominance, it is capable of causing an electrifying tingling in those who consume it. Its genetics is also much appreciated for its short flowering period and resistance to mould, not to mention the abundant harvests it yields, thanks to its tremendous vegetative vigour, with thick and heavy branches, consequence of its great voracity for water and nutrients.

Thus, after becoming Dinafem's first major success in 2005, Moby Dick has continuously been on the market, gaining new fans every day, attracted by its many qualities.



Moby Dick is a somewhat demanding plant which needs above-average care and attention, but that can also yield excellent results compared to other genetics of sativa ancestry. So although it can become a very interesting crop for the most seasoned growers, it will certainly not disappoint the general public either, regardless of their experience.

Suitable for outdoors and indoors

One of Moby Dick' strengths of is that it can give the best of itself both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it requires more fertiliser than usual as well as more space and light. A good way to develop its full potential is to put fewer plants per square meter, in larger pots and giving them more room. Regarding lighting conditions, the best option is to cultivate with 600W lamps or higher, whenever possible.

"I have liked Moby Dick, despite me being an unexperienced indoor grower, I have obtained effective and powerful weed which looks great. Harvest has been good and now I can enjoy some delicious self-cultivation buds this summer. I know what they are, what they need and what has been added to them, as it has been me who has gone through the whole process", declares to Dinafem Mr V, a grower who was proud of having tried growing Moby Dick indoors.

Nevertheless, it is also a very popular plant for outdoor cultivation; it has colonised balconies, gardens and guerrilla crops all around the world. In these places, Moby Dick requires abundant high-quality substrate, with a generous supply of water and nutrients.

These components, combined with an ideal climate, will lead to very leafy plants that can reach up to three meters and a half tall and produce about a kilo and a half of resinous buds per plant. In the Iberian Peninsula, growers usually start to harvest outdoor around October 15, although some prefer to stretch the flowering period until the end of the month, with the intention of obtaining a production with even more resin and more powerful and sedative effects.

Flowering and harvesting

In the world of cannabis cultivation, Moby Dick is a variety with a very abundant production, well above average. Generally, the strain blooms for 65 to 70 days, so its flowering cycle is rather short. After this time, Moby Dick offers robust plants, with compact icings buds covered in a bright white layer of resin that even arises on the stems and on the edges of the leaves, a legacy of the White Widow that gave it its genetic heritage.

Some tricks

During the first two weeks, it is preferable not to add any additives and only nourish the plants with water. From the third week on, it should suffice to add a growth fertiliser with EC (water conductivity levels) of 0,9 to 1.

On the other hand, if you wanted to give it a greater input, you can also apply a root stimulator which also improves the health of the plant. In any case, you should always check that pH remains at 6.5.

In the flowering stage it is not advisable to raise the pH a few tenths as it happens with other varieties, since Moby Dick is a plant with certain deficiencies of iron and other microelements. If we keep it slightly below normal we can compensate for this defect.

Finally, if during the flowering phase temperatures are quite warm, it is recommended to alternate watering with fertiliser with only with water, to avoid saturating the soil and damaging the plant: with this type of climate, water evaporation is faster .

Aroma and flavour

If the reminiscences of the White Widow can be seen in the structure and the buds that accumulate in the strain, its bewitching scent undoubtedly comes from the Haze sativa. Attentive consumer may perceive smells of wood, pine, incense and even hints of pepper. Its flavor, meanwhile, is a delight for the senses, with a combination of citrus with some sweet and earthy notes, which make Moby Dick a very tasty variety to the palate.


Probably the effect of Moby Dick is the main pillar on which the legend of this seed is based. As a flick of the most feared whale of all times, so we could describe the impact of its buzz, reaching THC levels of around 21%. Therefore, it is not recommended for novice consumers. Two or three puffs are enough to feel its intense effect, mainly cerebral and psychoactive, which in large quantities can knock you down.

The high level of THC results in an immediate sensation of euphoria, combined with heavy doses of happiness and latent relaxation. Although Moby Dick does not stand out for its therapeutic qualities, it is very useful to combat stress and depression. However, the strong buzz can also entrain its consequences, and it is important to have a drink nearby, because it can give you a dry mouth.

But remember! For those who cannot tolerate the side effects brought about by the THC in Moby Dick (red eyes, dry mouth ...) will find a great ally in the Moby Dick CBD for more sustainable consumption and at the same time a more bearable one during the day. With a balanced effect, both physically and mentally, it is the version enriched with CBD from these acclaimed genetics.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • Sex: feminised
  • Genotype: sativa 70%/indica 30%
  • Genetics: Haze x White Widow
  • Indoor flowering: 60-70 days
  • Harvest outdoors: Mid/end of October
  • Indoor yield: 650 g /m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1500 g/plant
  • Height outdoors: about 3.5 meters.
  • THC: very high (up 21%)
  • CBD: Low

Moby Dick

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