Susan Sarandon Opts in Favour of Legalizing Marijuana: “The World Would Be a Better Place”

  • The star of “Thelma and Louise” defends legalisation of marijuana and has confessed that smoking cannabis helps her to better prepare films scripts

Susan Sarandon is clear about the situation: marijuana should be legal, and she has defended that opinion on several occasions. “It’s absurd that more states haven’t legalized it… It’s an important source of income.” Stated the star of “Thelma and Louise”. The actress believes that “the world would be a better place” if marijuana consumption was not prohibited and she stated that “there are many reports on kids who have seizures that are prevented by medical marijuana".

Sarandon once again claimed the importance of regulating cannabis consumption in a recent interview, where she confessed that she uses marijuana while reading scripts for her films. “I’ve never worked high, and I’ve never filmed high. But I’ve read scripts high and gotten a different perspective.” She stated.

The actress also said that cannabis is better than alcohol, as it allows people to be deeply relaxed. “That is the great thing about smoking marijuana: if you lead a very, very busy life, it really makes the most of your weekend. It, like, triples your weekends. If you only have certain windows to get high, it allows you to slow down and really be there.” Commented the actress.

The Oscar winning actress also believes that marijuana can be a solution for the stress caused by devices we use on a daily basis. “It’s really important, because technology has made everybody multi-task: we get so distracted and so crazy… Smoking helps you to connect again–to be present and conscious.” She stated. Sarandon also believes that smoking marijuana “It’s also a lovely way to socialize and be with people — and to be with yourself and de-stress.”

She is not the only Hollywood star to show their support for cannabis over the last few days: Morgan Freeman claims that only marijuana works as a pain reliever for the fibromyalgia he suffers from, a chronic illness characterised by muscle and skeletal pain.


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