new jobs marijuana legalisation

10 New Jobs Created by the Legalisation of Marijuana

  • The legalisation of cannabis in different American states, such as Colorado and California, has given rise to a new industry demanding new professional profiles and offering new positions specialised in the cannabis world. In fact, there is already a new jobs portal just for this sector: Cannajobs. Actually, there are several. Unfortunately, in Europe and elsewhere around the world this scenario seems a long way off, but if different governments legalised cannabis, we could enjoy, among many other social benefits, economic returns and a reduction in unemployment. Today, on International Workers’ Day, we share with you some examples of the new jobs spawned by the cannabis industry. 
new jobs marijuana legalisation

1. Pastry chef/cannabis cook

Marijuana is not only smoked but also ingested. Yes, that's right, and not just in any old way. There is a whole culinary stream emerging that uses oils and buds to create delicious dishes. In this job posting, for example, it calls for a professional with a valid food handler certificate who, of course, knows how to cook with cannabis.

2. Budtender

This job already exists today although it is not widespread because marijuana is illegal and establishments that distribute buds are non-profit associations. In the so-called Cannabis Social Clubs, budtenders serve members, giving them advice and providing what they're looking for. In Colorado, they go beyond that and the Cannabis Career Institutealready gives seminars that teach aspiring students to be great budtenders.


3. Hash maker

Hash maker, Garret Pearson, performs a demonstration of BHO or butane hash oil extraction. Photo from denverpost.

In the cannabis industry, they also make and sell trichome extractions that consist of separating these resins from the rest of the buds to get a highly pure THC substance. There are several kinds of extractions: dry, with ice or with butane gas. Those who control these kinds of techniques are highly valued candidates in Coffee Shops. It turns out that they alreadyprovide a master degreein Spain to that effect.

4. Cannabis journalist

Colorado is experiencing an increase in information portalsexclusively dedicated to the world of marijuana. Mainstream newspapers also contract specialised freelancers or ally with blogs to provide their readers their personal view on this emerging ecosystem. This job is nothing new since writing about marijuana is not a crime and, in Spain, there are already high-quality media outlets that do so. Perhaps the new thing is its standardisation and propagation.

5. 'Bud' doctor 

Currently, recreational legalisation has only taken place in two U.S. states, but in another 21 states they already distribute medicinal marijuana with lesser or greater ease. In fact, you can get it in California claiming ailments like migraines or stress. That is why doctors who know how to treat patients' symptoms with cannabis are in high demand. Can you imagine a medical school here that had a cannabis degree? It is nothing to laugh at because these doctors make and average of $200 an hour.

6. Grower or breeder

The advert is the following: Master grower needed to manage a warehouse with 100 thousand-watt grow lights. Must watch over all the development phases of plants and perform all the tasks during growing (cloning, transplanting, trimming, feeding plants, etc.). Company operates under the highest standards of professionalism. Breeders in Spain, what are you waiting for to move to the U.S.? There are paid-jobs for what you do; in Spain you'll still have to wait a long time.

7. Manicuring

This class of work is more specific. Once the plants' flowering reaches its peak, it needs temporary workers to collect the buds under the supervision of the attentive breeders, and to manicure them, that is, to remove their little leaves. It is tedious and mechanical work that makes your hands sticky. If you look at the image, the first tray is full of buds with leaves, the one on the right, of leaf trimmings, and the well-manicured buds are behind.

8. Inventory and curing

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.This position requires long periods of sitting, organising jars full of marijuana buds. It is about making an inventory and supervise the cannabis curing process. As indicated in the job listing, this position is ideal for an analytical, organised person who enjoys working alone. You must be goal-oriented and able to problem-solve in stressful situations. This position is not for extremely social people.

9. Security officer

When cannabis is legalised,private security professionals will be needed, specialised in monitoring vast marijuana plantations. Just to make sure that no wise sneaks in invited and gets hold of a couple of plants of the highest-quality genetics.

10. Educator

All these things will finally arrive, breaking moulds in different countries. Experts with excellent communication skills will be needed to give seminars, workshops and courses that may provide the best training for the new professionals in this sector. And not only for professionals like doctors, therapists or growers, but also for patients may that be interested in treatments with cannabis. At Medical Marijuana Tampa, fair compensation for educators performing these tasks is offered. At the Cannabis Career Institute, they offer the best business training in this stoner sector.


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