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Dinafem crosses the pond…We’re all off to Canada with the Lift Cannabis Expo!

  • To be or not to be…Mary Jean Berlin or Lift Cannabis Expo. We thought we’d make it very difficult for you, because deciding between these two trade shows that overlap during next weekend is no easy task. We’ll be like God and will be present everywhere, but you, without the ability to divide yourself, will face a big dilemma to decide between the two events. Below, we give you a couple of good reasons to catch the first flight to Canada and go to the Lift Cannabis Expo, a cannabis trade show that this year promises to be quite an event.
lift cannabis expo canada marijuana conferenc

What is the Lift Cannabis Expo?

With the legalisation of marijuana an increasingly likely reality on the Canadian horizon, this trade show, which will be held next weekend, on 28 and 29 May in Toronto, is presented as an event which promises to be one of the most powerful in the sector. A trade show where the organisation has gone all out to prove to the world that things are being taken very seriously in this country and that another reality is actually possible.

The event, a big congregation of both international exhibitors, industry leaders and experts from several fields, will offer a wide range of activities and conferences intended for a very broad audience: patients, consumers, industry members, entrepreneurs, local leaders, job seekers and the general public.

An exhibition that will be held in a privileged location, the Metro Toronto Convention Center, the only venue that has hosted a G20 and a G7 summit. Not bad at all. A luxurious space that has it all, surrounded by restaurants, big hotels and shops and which, in turn, will be used to launch a loud and clear message to the world: the cannabis sector has ceased to be marginal and underground to become a powerful emerging industry.

Who organises the Lift Cannabis Expo?

Lift, the company organising this trade show, is an independent Canadian company founded by people who were deeply interested in the uses and applications of cannabis, particularly in the field of medicine. A company which provides information medicinal cannabis to all the people and patients who require it. A leading and unprecedented information coverage in the sector.

Lift has a very clear goal and up until now it seems to be achieving it: to provide all the information resources and tools and services necessary to create an influential community aimed at people who wish to purchase medicinal cannabis. A project that seeks innovation and research into the potential and beneficial properties that the marijuana plant has for health.

An ambitious project that seeks to guarantee that all adults in the country can have adequate and affordable access to a quality product, and which also wants to be an example for the rest of the world, proving that cannabis contains substances with important medicinal properties and that it is a sector that can also be very positive for the economy.

A trade show held at a key moment

The beginning of something big, that is how the Lift Cannabis Expo is presented; and the fact is that in Canada you can sense the winds of excitement, change and hope. And it is no surprise because this country is on the path to become the first G7 member to legalise the consumption of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. A huge step forward that has a visible face, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian government’s Prime Minister who has already announced, through his Health minister, that they are working to make the legalisation of marijuana a reality.

And thus, in this avant-garde and innovative atmosphere, this exhibition is presented, which also has an excellent schedule. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Jodie Emery, Cannabis Culture. How to direct and manage a business in the cannabis industry

Jodie Emery, born on 4 January 1985, is a Canadian activist who defends the legalisation of cannabis. She is also the wife of the controversial Marc Emery, activist and co-owner of the Cannabis Culture magazine. Emery will be speaking to explain how to administrate and run a business within this industry. At a key moment for this sector in the country, the activist will explain those attending her experience directing Cannabis Culture during the period her husband was arrested and extradited to the United States in 2009.

Jazmin Hupp, Women Grow. On Women Grow

Described by Fortune magazine as a "business genius", and the leading businesswoman in the cannabis industry by Forbes magazine, Jazmin Hupp is the founder of Woman Grow, a project that seeks to connect, educate and empower a future generation of women who wish to be part of this emerging industry. During her presentation, Jazmin Hupp will offer key advice for any entrepreneurs, in particular women, who wish to have more information on how to find their way within the sector.

Lift Cannabis Expo is a trade show that will place a particular emphasis on educating the attending public on the medicinal applications of the marijuana plant, while also seeking to answer all the questions that arise as a result of the future changes to the legal framework in Canada.

At Dinafem we have very proud to announce that we will be able to attend, for the first time, this important event and contribute to the exhibition with our new catalogue of CBD-rich varieties. New genetic varieties that adapts to our times, marijuana that combines all the benefits of CBD with the effects of THC causing a more pleasurable and sustainable sensation. So, now all that's left is to pack the suitcases and prepare the body for an intense weekend in Toronto; we're already packing our suitcases, so we'll see you in Canada. Have a good journey!


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