How to make your own cannabis lube

  • Cannabis lube enhances sexual pleasure during intercourse, particularly in women
  • Easy to do and inexpensive, you don’t need to be an expert chef to get a great result
  • Cannabis lube can help people suffering from sexual disorders such as vaginismus and anorgasmia enjoy a better sex life

As we explained last week in another post, cannabis lubes are in vogue, and increasingly more brands are marketing cannabis products that promise to enhance the sexual experience of women. And, best of all, you don't need to spend a fortune on commercial oils, as making your own cannabis lube is easier than it looks. Keep scrolling for the step-by-step recipe.

Certain cannabis lube brands might go a little bit too far when they promise 15-minute-long orgasms, but the fact is this type of lubricants have been shown to significantly improve the sex life of women suffering from conditions such as vaginismus and anorgasmia, as well as to enhance pleasure for women with healthy sex lives.

How does it work?

Cannabis lube, when applied externally on the genital area - which is actually how it should be used - does not get you high. Contrary to joints and edibles, these oils are not intended for psychoactive purposes, and even if topically applied cannabinoids might make you feel some sort of effect, it is miles apart from the high one would expect from marijuana.

How does it feel?

Within a few minutes following application on the genital area, you might feel a slight tingling sensation and/or feeling of warmth. Cannabinoids relax the muscles and make tissues more sensitive to touch, this is why the lube should be applied about half an hour prior to the sexual encounter. This way you will allow enough time for it to take effect.

Just for women?

As a matter of fact, men can use the lube too, but they shouldn't expect the same effect as their female counterparts - in the case of men, cannabis lubes appear to delay ejaculation.

Why to make your own cannabis lube

The main advantage of home-made lube is that it gives you better control over the substances it contains. Where possible, we recommend using organically grown buds as a way to prevent harmful substances such as chemical fertilisers from getting into your body.

How to make your own cannabis lube

A simple recipe for an amazing source of pleasure... Here are the ingredients you'll need:

  • 10 grams of bud
  • 200 grams of coconut oil

We recommend using a strain rich in cannabinoids, particularly THC, as this will increase the effectiveness of the lube. Two good options are Remo Chemo and Moby Dick, which produce a THC content of about 20% when grown in good conditions.

If the extraction process is performed seamlessly, you can expect to obtain 10 mg of THC per oil gram.


  • Decarboxylation: crumble the cannabis buds and spread them on a try.
  • Heat the cannabis in the over at 130 ºC for half an hour. THC evaporates at 155 ºC, so make sure temperature does not exceed 150 ºC.
  • Once you're done with decarboxylation, place the oil in a bain marie, add the cannabis and leave on low heat for 3 hours so as to facilitate the dissolution of cannabinoids in the oil.
  • Strain the mixture to eliminate the woody material.

Leave the oil to cool and… there you go! Say hello to your bedroom time's new best friend!


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