How to roll the perfect joint

  • Smoking a joint is one of the most common ways of enjoying marihuana and, while there are other options available, many users go for this method.
  • There are countless ways of rolling a joint, but whichever you choose, you have to make sure it burns smoothly and evenly when you take a puff.
  • If you are one of those people who look like they were doing origami whenever they give it a try, here is a step-by-step guide to rolling the perfect joint. Keep reading!

Getting the materials for your weed joint

In this seven-step guide we show you how to roll your own marijuana cigarettes in an easy way and with good results, a simple method suitable even for the less inexperienced. First of all, gather the materials:

  • Cannabis: if you are new to smoking marijuana, we recommend CBD-rich strains such as Purple Orange CBD, which have a softer effect.
  • Rolling paper
  • Filter or cardboard for making it yourself
  • Grinder

Step 1: Grind the cannabis

Put some bud in the grinder – if it is well dried, it will break down more easily – and spin it. This will stop your fingers from getting sticky and will make the product easier to work with.

Step 2: Make the filter

You can use any kind of thin cardboard, which you cut out from a pack of cigarettes or a business card. But if you want to make it right, we recommend using a specific product – often they are included with the joint paper. You'll just have to roll it up.

Step 3: Fill the joint

Place the filter on one end of the paper and sprinkle the desired amount of cannabis (usually half a gram) evenly throughout. There are endless types of paper that vary in size and material, but if you are patient you will eventually find the one that best suits you. Hold the paper with the sticky side – the one in contact with the cannabis – facing up.

Step 4: Shape it

Pinch the paper with your fingertips and roll it back and forth shaping it as you go. Keep the fingers close to the filter and take your time. You might feel a bit clumsy at first, but as you know, practice makes perfect. And if being watched makes you nervous, you can practice in private the first times to take that extra stress off of your shoulders.

Step 5: Roll it

Pinch the paper and filter together with your index finger and thumb. Make sure the filter is well secured so that it doesn't come off when you're finished. One you have tacked one end, seal the joint from end to end as evenly as you possibly can. Don't exert too much pressure – the air should be able to flow through – but look for consistency. You might also consider tilting the joint slightly to the filter end throughout the whole process to keep cannabis from falling out the other end. And just relax, again, practice makes perfect.

Step 6: Seal it

Lick the sticky side and seal the joint. Don't overdo it, you want to slightly moisten the paper, so avoid dipping it in drool.

Step 7: Pack it down

Pack the open end of the joint using something thin and pointed and remember not to exert too much pressure.


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